Final Surrender ? Ajimobi Opens Up On What Will Happen To New Ibadan Kings Ahead Handing Over

Governor Abiola Ajimobi has stated that what will happen to the new eleven Ibadan High chiefs he elevated to beaded crown monarch will be decided by the court of law.

It will be recalled that the Oyo state government had been sued in court over the governor’s decision to change the High Chiefs to become crown kings on the ground that it is a direct contravention of the Ibadan Chieftaincy Law of the state.

Abiola Ajimobi, the outgoing number one citizen in the state disclosed that he is ready to accept the judgment of the if the enthronement of the High Chiefs as crown kings.

Governor Ajimobi while speaking  yesterday at a reception orgainised by members of the Olubadan-in-Council  which took place at the Ibadan Civic Centre.

The outgoing governor stated that he never did anything by elevating he high chiefs to the position of kings while justifying regarded the Ibadan monarch,the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Adetunji as his father.

“Kabiyesi is my father and I cannot just embark on a policy that will diminish his status. I have nothing to gain doing it. But it’s rather unfortunate that everything has been politicized.” If the court reverses it or upholds it, so be it, but be assured that all the decisions we have taken have been documented,” He disclosed.

He disclosed further  that innovation over time becomes a tradition and tradition too also changes from time to time, adding that there was a time when Ibadan did not have a beaded crown king, and that there were only baales.

“It was in 1976 when the then Military administrator in the old Oyo State, Colonel David Jemibewon who gave the approval that Ibadan should be having a King.

“He was a governor like myself and so if as a governor, I too now approve that Ibadan should have more beaded crown monarchs why is it then an issue?”

It will be recalled that Olubadan, in a statement released last month  by his Personal Assistant/Director of Media and Public Affairs, Adeola Oloko,  stated that “the embattled high chiefs, who are understandably afraid of what is likely to befall them after May 29, when power would have changed hands, should have been bold enough to apologise to the entire people of Ibadanland, in particular, and the Yoruba people, in general, for undermining our custom and tradition.

Image result for Ibadan New kings“There is nowhere, in Yorubaland, where two kings sit inside a palace. It is always the king and his chiefs. Apart from violating our customs and tradition, there is no law that backs the wearing of illegal crowns in Ibadanland.”

“high chiefs to comply with the Oyo State High Court judgment, which declared the state government reforms that produced the crowns as illegal, null, void and of no effect.

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“When the high chiefs said their efforts to resolve the crisis have been frustrated, what they did not tell the public is that Olubadan should approve, through the back door, the crowns that the court has outrightly rejected. If the people of Ibadan want the crowns, I would have long ago approved it, but, all indications show that the majority of our people do not approve it.

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“Contrary to allegation of the high chiefs, I’ve done no wrong, nor acted illegally. At any time, there was no stay of execution. Despite efforts made to hinder the smooth running of the palace by the high chiefs and their promoter, they must begin to wonder why the palace has begun to grow from strength to strength.

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“The high chiefs exhibited little or no knowledge of our custom and tradition when they accused me of installing Mogajis and Baales without recourse to them. Section 22 (2) of the Chiefs Law, Cap 28 Law of Oyo State 2000 makes the Olubadan the prescribed and consenting authority on all chieftaincy matters in Ibadanland. The Olubadan-in-Council is merely an advisory council without any power, whatsoever.

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“If anybody should be castigated for denigrating our institution, it is the embattled high chiefs, with inordinate ambition to become monarchs without domain, that should examine themselves. It is those who commit crime against Yoruba customs and tradition and do not repent that deserve to be castigated.

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“It is those who run away from the palace and turn round to say they are not carried along. It is those who flagrantly disobey court orders. It is the chiefs who are sent to represent the Olubadan at the Local Government Traditional Councils, but seized Olubadan’s salaries that have violated our customs and tradition.”




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