A Huge Can Of Worms Has Been Exposed! What The Nigerian Police And Powerful Governors Have Allegedly Been Doing To Nigeria

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has asserted that the police and governors from the South East are both in the matter of concealing the atrocities of their “Fulani leaders against our people”.

As indicated by IPOB in an announcement issued on Friday by its representative, Emma Powerful, the South-East was under assaults from Fulani terrorists, agents of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, and a few governors.

The announcement issued by Emma Powerful featured three groups assaulting innocent natives in the South-East.The explanation by the IPOB representative halfway peruses that their property is under monstrous assault on 3 remarkable fronts.1. Fulani terrorists”.

Extraordinary 18 man execution squads sent by the IG of Police to each state to work straightforwardly with the governors to do summary executions their young men he added that they had photos of their most recent latest casualties in Aba.

He added that The entire business of immature tattling and Fulani praise singing by a group of hungry traded off supposed freedom fighters is to redirect the attention far from the quiet killings going on in our territory.

He said Igbo governors and double crossers inside. These group of crooks are in the matter of concealing the atrocities of their Fulani aces against the people.

They work connected at the hip with the Zoo police and media to spread falsehood against IPOB, a case of which is the demise of Anthony Nwoko, a man he said that he had relocated from Lagos to Enugu, sustained and paid house lease for.

He said that after a cautious and careful examination concerning the conditions encompassing the end of Anthony Nwoko, it wound up clear that he was not killed.

The columnist that revealed that he was found in a pool of blood was a police-supported author who was paid to display fantasy as actuality.

saying No police examination report till date with regards to the reason for death. Enugu police said they are as yet exploring the conditions encompassing Nwoko’s demise. He revealed that there were no single photographic proof or evidence that blood was any place present on Nwoko’s body or apartment .

He reveled that these brown envelope columnists situated in Lagos simply acknowledged cash from the police to seek to implicate IPOB with no single shred of proof since they need to harm the squeaky clean picture of IPOB in the hope of endearing themselves to their Fulani masters.

saying that every one of those that hawked this fake story or looked to remove a non-existent capital out of the falsehoods that Nwoko was killed, particularly DSS set up mushroom groups will never be excused. He said that they would find them and hold them responsible. The chase is on for them crosswise over Biafraland. No double crosser will go unpunished.

Source: Ripples.ng