It Is In! Buhari Receives New Order, Told What To Do About N500 Billion CBN Emiefele Fraud

Lobbyist and human rights legal advisor, Femi Falana, has approached President Muhammadu Buhari to set up a board of enquiry to test the N500 billion scandal shaking the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The legal advisor said in the wake of tuning in to the recorded phone discussion of the CBN senator, Godwin Emefiele, and top administration staff of the pinnacle bank that it is obviously evident that the total of N500 billion is absent from the CBN.

Video of CBN Governor Emefiele covering N500 billion fraud -Saharareporters

Falana was reacting to a spilled sound where Emefiele and high ranking representatives of the summit bank were heard planning on the most proficient method to purportedly conceal N500 billion which they apparently utilized wrongfully for a private business.

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In an announcement on Tuesday Falana stated, that having painstakingly tuned in to the recorded phone discussion of the Governor and top administration staff of the CBN it is apparently evident that the aggregate of N500 billion is absent from the CBN.

The discourses plainly focused on the best way to conceal the monumental misrepresentation including concocting the books.

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“It was even proposed that N2 billion be put aside to bargain the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

In perspective on the affirmation of the missing N500 billion and the edgy moves to cover it up President Buhari should set up a board of inquiry to test the scandal.

He said that the press statement of the CBN board denying the extortion ought to be treated with disdain as it is a questionable endeavor to play on the aggregate knowledge of the Nigerian people.

Also adding that the CBN has a propensity for concealing the criminal preoccupation of enormous open assets.

He revealed that the bank concealed the entirety of $12.4 billion in the devoted records pulled back from 1988-1993 by military president, Gen Ibrahim Babangida.

In a similar vein he opened up on CBN concealed the $7 billion pulled back by ex-gov of the national bank, Professor Charles Soludo and purportedly put as store in some anonymous banks.The Buhari routine which professes to battle corruption not enable the national bank to conceal the missing N500 billion.”