The Secret Is Out! The Entire Nation In Shock As Shehu Sani Opens Up On Why Ganduje Demotes Sanusi

Senator Shehu Sani. the senator representing Kaduna Central has stated that the governor of Kano State, was able to desecrate the ancient Kano Emirate because  traditional rulers in the country doesn’t have a clearly stipulated constitutional role and it has made the once revered traditional institution to be blackmailed and ridiculed.

While reacting to the recent decision by the Abdullahi Ganduje led-Kano State government to decentralise the power and influence of the the Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanisu Lamido Sanusi and create other emirate councils in the ancient state of Kano, Shehu Sani while condemning the alleged abuse of power of the state governor and disgracing the highly revered stool of the Emir for political gains.

His statement reads below.

“The absence of clearly defined roles in the constitution makes traditional rulers vulnerable to the abuse of power, victims of blackmail and pawns and punching bags in the political chess game of their respective states.

“During elections, they are forced to campaign for their states Governors and the ruling parties in their respective states or risk being dethroned. Traditional rulers are expected to play major roles in security matters with no security votes other than handouts thrown at them by their states Governors.

“A traditional ruler who wants to survive must be stupidly loyal, dumb and humiliatingly subservient and one that must always distance himself from the political adversaries of the Governor in office.

“Traditional rulers doing a governors bidding can hardly be accused of aiding kidnappers or inciting inter ethnic violence even if its true. State Governors habitually creates political emirates and chiefdoms to settle scores or to reward loyalty or to reinforce their power base or for the purpose of divide and rule.


“The traditional rulers are also not free of blame, when most of them have bastardized and commercialized the institution by dispensing traditional titles to people in government and those that can pay.

“They create and sale funny titles with no historical basis, roots and antecedent and to people majorly underserving. Almost all governors parade one or multiple fake traditional titles given to them while in office.

“Traditional institutions have being largely desecrated by political interference, partisanship, erosion of cultural and moral values, materialism and outright violations and meddling, inimical and corrosive to the very ethical and moral component that the institution claims to possess.

“Without constitutional protection, traditional rulers will continue to be forced by their governors to behave like party Excos or political appointees or be ejected”








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