Ajmobi Reveals Why Nigeria Needs State Police And The Shocking Secrets Behind Governors Chief Security Officer Title….See Details

The outgoing governor of Oyo State has declared his support for the creation of State Police in the country as he berated the “chief security officer” title being attributed to the state governors

He disclosed this as he insisted that only the creation of state police would save the country from the current insecurity menace ravaging the country and threatening the continue existence of Nigeria.

The number one citizen in Oyo State disclosed this while hosting , Mr Leye Oyebade, the Assistant Inspector-General of police in charge of Zone 11 at the Oyo state governor’s office in Ibadan, the state capital on Wednesday.

Governor Ajimobi stated that the state police would be beneficial to good community coercion, he further disclosed that providing adequate for funding of the police force and providing adequate logistics will also boost the police officers’s morale in the discharge of their duties.

The outgoing Oyo State governor stated that “I am one of the pioneer advocates of state police. There is nowhere in the world where crime is effectively combated without state police. We refer to state governors as chief security officers, but we have no control over the commissioner of police.

“Some will argue that the governor will take undue advantage of a state police under his watch. But, do they consider the challenges of having only one person controlling the police in the 36 States and the federal capital.

“Until we do some structural adjustment to the policing system in Nigeria, we may not have the desired results. Having said that, generally Nigeria, and Oyo State in particular, still have security challenges.

“In order to ensure effective and more efficient policing, I opine that the police needs modern technology. Technology must help policing. Look at the developed countries, when a crime is committed, even before it happens the police would have been hinted.

“They have informants that are working very well. They have a communication system that is very effective and they have the public supporting them. How well are members of the public supporting the police here?”

Governor Ajimobi also pleaded with all rank and file police all over the country to change the general impression the citizens have on the police because most of them don’t believe in the popular slogan that police is their friend.









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