Buhari’s Gentle Handling Of Killer Fulani Herdsmen Is Responsible For Insecurity In The Land, Ohanaeze Declares

The most respected Igbo socio-political group known as Ohanaeze Ndigbo has disclosed that President Buhari preferential treatment of killer fulani herdsmen is partly responsible for the insecurity and bloodshed all over the country.

The Igbo elder’s group disclosed that the weak handling of the notorious herdsmen by the federal government gave birth to bloodshed and insecurity in Nigeria.

Chuks Ibegbu, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze while blaming the large scale of insecurity across the country on the elites and politicians who loot the country’s treasury.

In a press statement the Ohanaeze leader disclosed that

“We blame the issue of insecurity on elite insensitivity, looting of our commonwealth by government officials which leave the people and youths pauperized, inadequate training for security agents and nepotism in their recruitment.

“Kids glove treatment of armed killer herdsmen by government officials and the Presidency, parasitism by the ruling elites who corner the commonwealth of the people to their bottomless pockets, culture of impunity in high and low places,injustice and inequality between the haves and have nots, and the excessive breeding of the population which leads to population explosion especially of the youth strata.”

Ibegbu disclosed that the “population of idle youths in Nigeria is much caused by uncontrolled breeding especially in the North.

“There are more than 20million idle almajiris in the North, 7million area boys in the west and 10 million militants and idle hands drawn into IPOB and MASSOB in the East and South-South respectively.

“When you have this angry youth population in the country you can imagine the consequences. The elites in the North now travel from Kaduna to Abuja by rail to avoid being kidnapped along the road. The elites in the East and South-South have no functional rail to travel to so they must face the kidnappers along East-West road.

“The elites in the Southwest are luckier, they can go by air or sea and some along the risky Lagos -Ibadan expressway. So nowhere is safe any more in Nigeria, not even barracks, except perhaps Aso Rock and state Government Houses,” he added.

Speaking on the way forward to avert more bloodshed , Ibegbu made a clarion call to “Nigeria elites and ruling class to repent and address the needs of the youths and common masses else they will have no peace since they sowed the wind, they will continue to reap the whirlwind.”








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