BIG NEWS! How Top APC Leader Surprised His Party And Challenged President Buhari

More calls have been made to President Muhammdu Buhari to constitute his cabinet early this time and hit the ground running in this his second term in office.
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The Director-General of Buhari/Osinbajo in the last presidential election in Ekiti State, Dr. Olusegun Osinkolu, has urged President Buhari to appoint his ministers in record time to hit the ground running and deliver the expected dividend of democracy, The Guardian reports.
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It will be recalled that it took some months after inauguration in 2015 before President Buhari eventually appointed his Ministers that made up the cabinet for the first term.
Osinkolu also said that the approval of the new minimum wage for workers was a fulfilment of a major campaign promise by the All Progressives Congress-led administration. He said the President’s action showed that Nigerians have a lot of benefits awaiting them in the second term tenure beginning from May 29.
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In a statement in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, the APC chieftain said the approval had further reinforced the confidence of Nigerians, especially the workers in the Buhari’s Presidency. He said: “In the first term of President Buhari that is gradually winding down, it took the President over six months before the ministers were appointed. We have to change gear this time and guard against delay in the composition of Federal Executive Council (FEC) members for the second term tenure.
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“Nigerians are hopeful that the second term would afford the APC the opportunity to consolidate on its policies and programmes and it would be foolhardy for the party to delay actions, for there won’t be any excuse for failure in 2023. I feel proud and fulfilled as one of those who led the campaign for Buhari’s second term bid.
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“The opposition made huge political capital from the delay in signing the minimum wage proposal into law before the election. They said it was a political decoy to entrap them and then drop the proposal. Assenting to the proposal had again proved our President as a sincere and worthy leader. I appeal to the workers to reciprocate the gesture by co-operating with the APC-led government to fight corruption that has become so endemic in the whole gamut of our public sector.”
The late formation of the cabinet by President Buhari in 2015 actually caused some delays which affected the country to the extent that calls started emanating from different quarters that the President should do something about it.
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It is expected that the President will do things differently in this his second term by appointing the Ministers early enough and hitting the ground running. Many Nigerians have high expectations of the President in this second term as far as greater dividends are concerned.
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