Popular activist backs Omotola about suffering of Nigerians under Buhari’s watchful eyes, makes statement capable of tearing Nollywood apart (See details)

The tweet of Omotota Jalade, Nigeria hellish, has continued to generate more reactions from concerned citizens within and outside the country.

Jalade had on tweeted that the country was hellish under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The Country Under your watch is Hellish! @ProfOsinbajo @MBuhari @NGRPresident The lack of Money in circulation, Now coupled with the Continuous Assault n Killings by Uniformed men’ll make this Country implode!!!It’s Unbearable! Do something!Insecurity!Fear n Desperation everywhere,” she tweeted.

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Her tweet has garnered close to 5,000 retweets at the time of compiling this report. Thousands of Nigerians have also lent their voices.

One of them is Deji Adeyanju, an activist who was once arrested by security operatives for murder-related offences, which he had been acquitted of.

Reacting to Jalade’s tweet, Adeyanju said, “If @Realomosexy was one of those artists depending on Govt patronage, she can never speak up. Those who depend on government for their source of income or business cannot speak the truth in today’s Nigeria. Neither can those afraid of going to jail. Full blown tyranny.”

The question on the lips of Nigerians is: Who are the actors and actresses who depend on Buhari’s government for survival?

Recalled that Jalade’s tweet got what some people called political response from the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on new media, Bashir Ahmad.

Ahmed had counted Jalade’s stance in his tweet, “Madam Omotola those who are working for CLEAN money are not complaining and will never refer our dear country as ‘hellish’. In Kano State alone, from 2015 to 2018, no fewer than 200 medium and small scale rice milling centres emerged. For that, billions circulated among millions.

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But Jalade who would not leg go fired back, “As long as you’re not insinuating that I am not working CLEAN for my money… I hear you. Its good that there are some progress…Do you truly want to say you don’t see all that’s really wrong? Can we fight for our future in truth for once? Without being partisan?”

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Reactions of Nigerians

Meanwhile, Nigerians have continued to react to the Nigeria Hellish Jalade’s tweet, see some of their reactions below:

@adelowoAbdulahi: Very pathetic people, they think this hardship is the sign of a better Nigeria. We are not growing, we are not depreciating we are just nosediving every single day. They question who ever speaks up about this unfortunate situation we find ourselves in, Labelling them as being corrupt.

@ahmedrazak3: Bash, lack of money in circulation is not same as lack of slush fund in circulation. This is simple for even an unlettered Mai Ruwa to understand. That you have access to presidential suya now should not rob you of your ability to think.

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@Joe4links: Like @Realomosexy said, can you for once agree that things are not working without being partisan? Well, you have paint your paymaster as a competent fellow. It’s expected. Progress in error.

@KnightofLagos: The problem of our nation is that too many people prefer to “Kill the messenger and throw away the message”. They prefer to stay partisan on issues that concern the development of this nation. Personally, I question the govt without consideration of who is in power.

@ojstan: If people won’t admit there are issues, how will they even go about fixing them. Let’s tell ourselves the truth..This will never be the Nation I want for my kids , the way it’s been ran since 59 years..Partisan, ethic ,Religious politics won’t let us come together n fix #NGR #Sad

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@adeeji1: This man is purely partisan and he’s one of the people shielding the truth from coming out. Where’s the result of the billions he’s referring to in Kano when almanjiris flood the whole Kano city and new ones in thousands are emerging everyday. You needn’t have glorified him.

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