Bloody Betrayal! Timi Frank Exposes Buhari’s Hidden Agenda About The Suspension Of Onnoghen

Timi Frank, former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress said in an address credited to the Personal Assistant to the President on Social Media,

Lauretta Onochie that the suspension of the chief justice of Nigeria was politically motivated rather than the perpetuated fight against corruption that the president is said to be fighting.

In the remark. Timi Frank made it clear that the CJN was judicially suspended as against the the due process of suspending a Chief Justice Of Nigeria.

He made it known that the petition that led to the suspension of the Chief Justice Onnoghen was filed by a confidante of Buhari who also a former spokesman to Buhari.

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According to him the suspension was based on the plans of the Buhari’s administration to twist the will of Nigerians and make them believe he his fighting corruption.

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Going further, he said the petition was received during the day that the Code Of Conduct Tribunal does not officiate, hence the whole thing according to

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Timi Frank was politically inclined to suit and benefit the interim government in their bid to twist things to their favour in returning and remaining in office.

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In a statement, Frank said the statement had confirmed that Onnoghen’s suspension was not done in good faith.

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He said, “The statement was an admission and corroboration of what we have always known.” He added, “It was an attack on an innocent man by the Buhari administration in its plan to thwart the will of the Nigerian people.”

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Frank said the statement had also revealed that the presidency never planned to hold credible elections.

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He added, “Nigerians may recall that the petition used in suspending Justice Onnoghen was from one Dennis Aghanya, who is a former spokesman to Buhari and is presently one of his confidants.

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“Nigerians may further recall that the Code of Conduct Bureau received the petition on Saturday, January 12, 2019, which is normally a day that the judiciary does not function.”

The chief justice was suspended according to the order of the president Muhammadu Buahri in the early hours of the year, while swearing in a new Chief Justice

Mohammed Tanko as the acting Chief Justice till they finalise the alleged false asset declaration filed against him. The CCT has set

Thursday, 18th of April 2019 to pass final judgement on the case after hearing the argumenst and defends of both the defendant and the prosecutor.

Prior before now the federal government has filed all their allegation against him and the lawyer of the CJN responded and filed a no case against when petitioned.

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