APC DOOM! Revealed, Ndume And Lawan May Not Win The Senate Presidential Seat. See Who Might Emerge Nigerian’s Senate President

While the tussle for the senate president among the ruling All Progressive Congress continues, the leaders of the Borno state has shown their endorsement for Ali Ndume,

but then the Governor Shettima has thrown his weight behind Lawan who the the government and party is endorsing for the seat of the senate presidency.

They said records also show that no bill passed was denied assent by the president, but under Lawan more bills passed were rejected, adding:

“This is because it is the responsibility of the senate leader to liaise with the Senate and Mr President, perhaps this was not taken seriously.

‘’Senate leader is the one who markets executive bill to the senate and carries out any improvement such bill requires to be accepted by the senate. This is the function Lawan failed to achieve.”

According to Umar, Senator Ndume is undoubtedly the senator who sacrificed the most in the defence of his party’s interest and policy in the 8th senate and that he lost his senate

leadership position in the defence of President Buhari administration, just as he went on 90 legislative-day suspension in the bid to shield the presidency from ridicule.

He continued: ‘’Before we decided to throw our support for Ndume to contest for the 9th senate President’s position if it was zoned to the North-East geopolitical zone,

we the Borno elders on the platform of Concerned Borno Citizens asked our son whether he conferred with President Buhari, the ultimate leader of the ruling party, of his intention.

Shettima dumps kinsman, backs Lawan However, addressing journalists in Abuja, Shettima, a senator -elect for Borno Central, said he was supporting Lawan because of the position of APC, which had already adopted him, stressing that the decision of the APC on who becomes the

President of the 9th Senate must be respected if party discipline and cohesion must be enforced in the ruling party. Shettima, who noted that it was not true that

Borno elders were backing Senator Ndume, said as the first citizen of the state, he made wide consultations before his decision to support Lawan.

He said: “I hail from the same state with the distinguished Senator Ndume. And I appreciate the fact that politics is local. But politics is also national. And I believe the blood that binds us together supersedes whatever we might harbour.

I am the first citizen of the state, I have made wide consultations with our leaders from Borno before resolving to back Senator Lawan. “I fully align with the aspiration of my party,

to the aspiration of President Buhari and by the grace of God, we are going to mobilize all our goodwill to see that we are fully on board.

We are for Senator Lawan, we are for Femi Gbajabiamila and all other senators and other House of Representatives members endorsed by the party. “We are for party discipline that allowed everyone to aspire for political offices. We believe that we must respect the party.

All of us won under platforms. There is no provision for independent candidate. “And most importantly, let’s be brutally honest. Most of us from the North won election by aligning with Buhari. So, we have no basis to undermine him or to disrespect him.

Most of us from the North have no basis not to align ourselves with President Buhari and whoever he enforces. He has endorsed some of the best hands we have in the system and where we hail from, Senator Lawan is one of the best hands we have.

“It is a reality. He has been in the National Assembly since 1999, he has the experience, exposure, pedigree, intellect to redefine the process. He is the best among equals. He is level headed, calm, matured and we need such quality of leadership to drive the 9th Senate.



“We, the people of Borno, the elected representatives of the people of Borno are not at war with Senator Ali Ndume. He is my kinsman but we will continue to prevail on him to align himself with the aspiration of the party. We are not at war. We belong to the same paternity.”

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