NO MORE DEMOCRACY? Presidency Reacts To Atiku’s New Stunt With America, Order Him To Congratulate Buhari Or Land In Jail 

In light of Atiku’s current liaison with a US lobbyist firm to advance his challenge of the outcome of the February 23 presidential polls, the presidency has issued him a public warning.

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Lauretta Onochie, a special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media has declared that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar should be glad he’s walking free and not languishing in jail.

Report: Atiku hires US lobbyist for $30,000 to unseat Buhari

According to the presidential aide, she saw a photo of Atiku, who lost the presidential election on February 23rd, with some weird inscriptions on it. Although she didn’t mention what the inscriptions on Atiku’s photo were, she noted that the former vice president should counsel himself to avoid being tried for treason.

Onochie further said that Atiku should face his court case to challenge Buhari’s victory rather than stirring up mischief. She wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: “I just returned to Abuja and saw Atiku’s photos with some weird inscriptions. For one who is lucky to be walking free, whatever he is planning, he shouldn’t forget that we have a President in place.”

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“Nigerians will insist that treason be treated as treason. He should counsel himself. When you lose an election, you either congratulate the victor or you challenge the election results in court. After foot-dragging, Atiku has now managed to go to court. It’s in the best interest of the nation that he continues in that legal path instead of stirring mischief.”

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Recall that reported Atiku Abubakar has employed the services of a US lobbyist firm to advance his challenge of the outcome of
 the February 23 presidential polls. President Muhammadu Buhari defeated Atiku with over three million votes in the election but he rejected the results and filed a suit before the presidential election petition tribunal challenging the process which he said was “heavily militarised” and results manipulated.

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According to a report by Centre for Responsive Politics (CRP), Bruce Fein, former justice department official and his firm Fein & DelValle PLLC registered on March 24 as foreign agents on behalf of PDP and Atiku.  The firm is expected to “encourage Congress and the executive to forbear from a final declaration and recognition of Nigeria’s February 23, 209 presidential election until outstanding legal challenges to the initial government of Nigeria assertion that incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari was the victor are impartially and independently resolved by the supreme court of Nigeria without political or military influence, or manipulation”.

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Atiku is seeking to be recognised by the US as the president of Nigeria, and halt the final declaration of Buhari as the president until the matter is ruled upon by the supreme court. According to the firm, parts of its services on behalf of Atiku includes to “Meet and consult with members of Congress and staff in an effort to pass House and Senate resolution(s) to forebear from a final declaration and recognition of a winner of the 2019 Federal Republic of Nigeria presidential election pending legal challenges to the initial assertion that incumbent President.

Image result for atiku rejoicesBuhari was the victor are impartially and independently resolved by the Nigerian judiciary in accordance with the rule of law and due process, free from military or political influence. “Draft articles and op-ed pieces to spotlight the issues in Nigeria post-2019 presidential election arid to promote the rule of law and due process in resolving electoral disputes in Nigeria. Make television and other media appearances to engage in public advocacy discussions of these issues.”

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In a letter replying Atiku’s request for their services, the firm said a “Nigerian barrister and trusted confidant of Your-Excellency Dr. Lloyd Ukwu, will assist in the operations of the U.S. Situation Room” It added that Fein will be paid $30,000 over a 90-day contract. The firm said its lobbying effort will demonstrate that an Atiku presidency is “the will of the People.” It added that its services will convince the United States that an “Abubakar presidency” will open a fresh and new chapter in Nigerian politics, while“highlight the declining rule of law, democracy and clue process in Nigeria under the APC and the current administration.” It said it will establish that if Atiku “is denied victory”, problems like genocide, poverty, corruption and strife will “undoubtedly continue.”

Source: Daily Post/The Cable
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