Governor Wike accuses INEC of shooting voters, insists Rivers is a peaceful State

The crisis in Rivers State looks to be an unending one as Governor Nyesom Wike has boldly accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of shooting voters and causing unrest in the ‘peaceful state.’

According to report, Wike allegedly made this accusation at the commission’s stakeholders’ meeting in Port Harcourt where they ironed out issues from the governorship and House of Assembly elections of March 9 in the state.

Wike said: “I do not agree that Rivers is a violent state. Rivers State has never and it will not be a violent State.  Why are they raising too much alarm? What causes violence? Why is there violence each time there is election? The only way to have peaceful elections is when the security agencies refuse to interfere or manipulate any process.

“How did people die? When INEC would go and collate results and people would resist and when people resist, they will shoot them. Rivers is not a violent state. It is most unfortunate that people would leave their state, come to another state, instead of them to make sure what obtains in their state obtains here, they do not want it, they want to cause problems for us.

“With all due respect, the Garrison Commander (Brig.-Gen. Adeola Kalejaiye) is here. Throughout my political career, of not less than thirty years, I have never experienced the type of roles the army played. We must tell people the simple truth.

“INEC set up a committee in 2016, during and after the reruns, where it was stated in your report that certain police officer manhandled your electoral official. He even went as far as naming the police officer. What has happened, as INEC? You could have said you did not want that kind of officer again. The same officer was also implicated in your report in these elections. Who are the people causing the violence?

“Rivers State in not violent when they are drilling crude oil. Why must the violence be during the period of elections? Who are those responsible, in order to tell them? INEC can insist on not requiring the services of the violent security personnel; that is the only way we can have peaceful, free and fair elections in Rivers State. Let the army personnel remove their hands from elections. It is unfortunate that we had some people demonstrating and thanking the Nigerian Army for a job well done. That is Nigeria for us.

“Who are the security personnel that will be in charge of the collation (between April 2 and 5)? Let us avoid sermon. You do not preach to me what you will not practise. The onus is on the security agencies to help INEC to do the right things, in order to achieve the results the commission wants to achieve. Rivers State is a peaceful state. Nobody should be driving away investors from us. Let personnel of Nigerian Army remove their hands from electoral process.”