GAME CHANGER! The Untold ‘Truths’ Behind The Shameful Defeat Of Amosun In Ogun State Revealed

As the race to who succeed Gov. Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State was gathering momentum sometimes in 2018, the names of some politicians were still found wanting and scarce in the political space.

Many were thrown into huge surprise as the name of the oil magnate, Prince Dapo Abiodun surfaces around August, 2018. To some, he’s not a popular politician whose name appears on the media oftentimes, but observers and veteran politicians in Ogun State know that Dapo Abiodun has been playing the Ogun politics decades ago.

Away from the popularity debate, it is no more news that Prince Dapo Abiodun will steer the affairs of Ogun State for the next four years having gotten the mandate of Ogun people in the just concluded gubernatorial election that appears to be a ‘war’ full of political tension and aggravation.

Abiodun fought a battle like no other to clinch the exalted seat, most glaring was the stiff opposition he faced from Gov. Amosun, his close ally who turned his open enemy midway as a result of the former’s decision to contest for the State’s number one seat.

One could have imagined what led to the brouhaha, political tension and stiff oppositions shown from the Amosun’s camp to the Abiodun’s camp, it appears not to be far-fetched than the greediness of the “tall cap man” to install his anointed candidate against the wish of his party members and the good people of the state.

His opposition to Abiodun’s candidature has now become history like the stone which was thrown away and later turns out to be the cornerstone.

Dapo Abiodun is not just a governor-elect but he is a governor-elect with difference who has brought together opposition forces in Ogun State within the little time of his emergence. The political vendetta orchestrated and shown to oppositions within the seven and half years of Gov. Amosun seems to be going down the line.

Do you want to say Abiodun is accommodating? Yes, you are right. Do you want to say he is cool-headed? Of course, you are not far from the truth. Do you want to say he is a peace lover? Definitely, you are on point. Dapo Abiodun has proven to the world what magnanimity in victory is all about.

In the history of Ogun State, a governor-elect has not spread his arm of love and compassion to oppositions like DA is doing, top politicians within the opposition camps could not keep his kind heartedness away than to pay him visits after his declaration. From Gbenga Daniel of the PDP to GNI of the ADC,

Dapo Abiodun

to Buruji Kashamu of the PDP, Ladi Adebutu of the PDP, Rotimi Paseda of the SDP, Tope Tokoya of the Accord, Dimeji Bankole of the ADP, among others whom he has embraced and spread hands of fellowship to all after the election.

In the history of gubernatorial election in Ogun State, this is the first time major stakeholders across party lines will throng to the house of the governor-elect to felicitate with him on his victory.

Ogun State needs all hands on deck to bring in their best in terms of industrialization which is the hallmark of Abiodun’s agenda, it cannot be done alone, successful entrepreneurs for many decades needed to be embraced for the interest of all and not for the interest of few as witnessed in the govt of our own ‘filadephia’

Pundits believe this peace move by Prince Abiodun will serve as a good omen for the APC in Ogun and it will, in no distance, go a long way in stabilizing the political atmosphere of Ogun State.

The winner takes it all and the know it all tendency of the “tall cap man” seems to be going down the line and my family members government seem to be vanishing. That is why every discerning mind must rise up to keep supporting the coming government, with our support and believe in the government, we can all achieve in accordance and not in isolation.

Like Abiodun use to say, ‘Igbega Ipinle Ogun, Ajose gbogbo wa ni ooo.’

-Olamide Lawal is a political activist and writes from Abeokuta.

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