PDP Chairman, Secondus Raises Alarm, Reveals What Buhari Will Do If Wike Wins Rivers State

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince Uche Secondus has called out President Muhammadu Buhari, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof Mahmood Yakubu and the military chief for their central roles in a grand design to destroy Rivers state if they fail to have their way electorally.

Prince Secondus said that having failed in a nefarious plan to hijack power in the state using all anti-democratic means, Prof Yakubu and the military chiefs have now yielded to the design of stretching the state electoral problems until there is total breakdown of law and order.

The National Chairman said this in a statement to DAILY POST on Friday from his media office signed by Ike Abonyi.

He said that the wicked plan is to stretch the endurance limit of the people, break their capacity to defend democracy so that when they react, they will find reason to kill them and declare a state of emergency.

Prince Secondus said that Prof Yakubu has chosen to keep shifting the completion of collation of election results in the state as part of a bigger plot that will enable the APC faction go to court, create more confusion that would linger until swearing in for a constitutional logjam to frustrate PDP out for the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi who is a willing tool in the destruction of the state.

The National Chairman noted that this is part of a grand plan of the cabals to create division among brothers in the guise of helping one of the parties when the real agenda is to have the opportunity to plunge and hijack the abundant hydrocarbon industry of the region.

“Nothing underscores this heinous act more than Prof Yakubu choosing to shift completion of collation results to April 2 that is over 20 days after the March 9, when the election was supposed to have been concluded,” he added.

“Rivers state which is the economic hub of the Niger Delta region and the nation’s headquarters of hydrocarbon industry has been held down since March 9 when the military invaded the state collation center ostensibly to protect the interest of a faction of APC that had no candidate in the election.”

Secondus explained that what is going on in Rivers is a clear show of might from a people that have no interest of the state at heart, it does not matter to them if the state is destroyed protecting the interest of one man whose candidate is not on the ballot.

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He said, “What they actually desire is to pull all Niger Deltans to the creeks and let the power monger cabals at the Villa over ran the place and hijack the hydrocarbon industry of the region.

According to Secondus, some credible intelligence available to the party shows that the long stretch of the electoral process in the state is part of a larger arrangement by the federal government and their critical agencies that include the military ùsing Prof Yakubu to punish the state for the APC’s self inflicted problem that deprived them of having candidates in the elections in the state.

“The shift is deliberate and intended to help APC regroup for further onslaught on the people, all in the agenda of hijacking power by hook or crook in Rivers state,” he added.

He said that the agenda of all these is clear, to provoke the people, stretch their patience to react and plunge the state into chaos so that they would find reason to declare the state ungovernable and appoint an agent of the Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi to over see the state as they try to create constitutional power vacuum in the state.

Secondus called on President Buhari to note that what is going on in Rivers state which has his in prints has a larger consequences to the democracy and national cohesion stressing that a region of the country that produces the wealth of the nation deserves a better treatment than they are getting.

He said, “The will of the people is sacrosanct and anybody trying to thwart it should be ready for the repercussions from God.”

He called on prominent Nigerians and international community to speak out in condemnation of the arrogance of power being displayed on the people for taking a free position guaranteed them by law.

He warned that what is happening in Rivers and other opposition strong holds across the country today has far reaching consequences capable of engulfing the entire country and truncating democracy in the country