I Have Been Offered $2 million And I Did Not Bulge, Deji Adeyanju Angrily Fires Back At Charly Boy As The Battle Rages On Between Them

The last has definitely not been heard yet about the duel between Deji Adeyanju and Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, the convener of ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement over the former’s collection of bribe from President Buhari and APC’s front man, Festus Keyamo.

Recall that some days back, Deji Adeyanju had alleged that Charly Boy had sold out by collecting kick back from Festus Keyamo and he had prove to back it up which he eventually released. Listen to the audio below:

Charly boy had fired back saying Deji Adeyanju only wanted a slice of the cake and that was he was crying foul:

“When a father sits in silence it’s because he is a father.

“Deji, me and you know weytin dey worry you, wey you no fit tell your fans.

“Nevertheless, I still love you, try mellow on your break dancing my son.”

Another notable critic in the person of Reno Omokri, had slammed Charly boy saying:

“And as for you Charly Boy, I admired you when I was a child. You have built up such a formidable mystique. Why allow an odious fellow like Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo rubbish what you have built over the years? Why sell out so cheaply?

“When you, Charly Boy were a star in the 80s, where was Festus (Stephanie Otobo) Keyamo? You used to be a respected legendary icon. Who should be bribing who between you and that ambulance chaser called Keyamo? Oh, I am so disappointed!

“Charly Boy, I went to your concert at Trade Fair Complex as a teenager in 1990. I saw you physically. I spent my pocket money on you. I can still sing 1990, your hit 1989 song. Why have you chosen to make me ashamed of you in my middle age?”, he asked.

However Deji on Thursday revealed that he has been offered over $2m to compromise his course for a good Nigeria.

Adeyanju who is at loggerhead with Charles Oputa (CharlyBoy) the chief convener of an advocacy group, Our Mumu Don Do Movement over alleged financial inducement from the federal government to him to attack Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the recently held presidential election.

PoliticsNGR had earlier today published what was said to be a tape of a conversation between the duo, where Charlyboy ‘admitted’ soliciting support from Festus Keyamo, a former spokesman of the Muhammadu Buhari Presidential Campaign Organization.

Adeyanju further said that he may not be rich, but have integrity and he always keep records which saves him from stains.

“When you have confirmed you are dealing with a dishonest man, always keep records; they will save you from stain, shame and embarrassment. I have so many records. I may not have plenty money but I have integrity.”

“Not that we haven’t been offered money to compromise as well. Since 2017 till date, I have been offered over $2million to compromise but I refused. If I had, they wouldn’t have sent me to Kano Central Prison or tried to charge me for terrorism & other crimes,” he stated.


Source: Politics NGR
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