Authentic Result Emerges, As INEC Finally Turns Back On APC, Sets To Make Ground Breaking Declaration On Rivers State Election

Emerging report has revealed that the details of the meeting between the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, and the Fact-Finding Committee of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, have been released.

It was gathered that the team was sent from the Headquarters of INEC, to investigate the actions that led to the suspension of elections in the State.

Wike claimed that some members of the Nigerian Army, had attempted to manipulate the Rivers State Governorship election results collation.


According to the information obtained from the social media page of the Governor, sources at the meeting said that the Committee requested duplicate polling units results from Security Agencies and party Agents, who received same after voting.

According to the sources, Wike explained that direct collation of all polling units results, had started in earnest.

Party Agents and different Security Agencies, entitled to duplicate copies have supplied same for direct collation.

The information also stated that with 19 Local Government Areas polling units results collated and computed for the Governorship election in Rivers State, the PDP has 586,745, votes, while the AAC has 51,521 votes.

“After the closed-door preliminary investigation and computations, the public would be briefed, and open declaration made.

“As at Press time, the computations for three other Local Government Areas where elections held, were ongoing by the Fact-Finding Committee. Elections did not hold in the 23rd LGA, Abua/Odual, where Soldiers frustrated the distribution of election materials.

“The recourse to the polling units results, was in line with the fact that it was where voting held and accreditation via card readers took place. Results at this level are pure and verifiable”, the remaining part of the information read.

The Election Tribunal was educated that the Independent National Electoral Commission in Rivers granted Mr. Wike cast a ballot just about multiple times higher than the real, bona fide complete number of voters licensed with card perusers and Permanent Voter Cards which was 292, 878, which was the absolute number of authorize voters for the April 11, 2015 gubernatorial race in Rivers.

The outcome as proclaimed by the Returning Officer for Rivers State Mr. Osasere Orumwense on April 13, 2015 expressed that Mr. Wike was granted 1,029,102 votes, in this way winning the race.

Anyway record was marked by Ibrahim Bawa, the acting chief responsible for INEC Legal Unit and Abimbola Oladunjoye, head of unit, Data Management, of the Commission’s Information Communication Territory Department. As indicated by the outcome pronounced by the Returning Officer for Rivers State, Osasere Orumwense on April 13, Mr. Wike was granted 1,029,102 votes, speaking to 87.77 percent of 1,228,614, being the invoked number of absolute certify voters.

In any case, the council was educated that as per INEC reports, offered as court proof, the all out number of authorize voters in Rivers was just 292, 878. It was likewise basic learning, notwithstanding, that there was broad breakdown of Card Readers on the Election Day[10] provoking the augmentation of the decision to the following day and conceding plan of action to the utilization of manual accreditation without the broken card perusers.

The INEC report was marked by Mr. Ibrahim Bawa, the acting chief responsible for INEC Legal Unit and Abimbola Oladunjoye, head of unit, Data Management, of the INEC’s Information Communication Territory Department. The commission’s focal server caught all genuine approved and verified votes in favor of the Rivers State races on April 11, 2015, making misrepresentation by manual accreditation unthinkable.


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SOURCE: Wetin Happen .com