VP Osinbajo Blows Hot Ahead Of Governorship Election, Says APC Will Override Ikpeazu And Take Over Abia State

Upon his visit to Abia State, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC), will over run the current government in the state and take over, when the Governorship and State House Assembly elections are held this Saturday.

Osinbajo, who was in Abia, yesterday, for a town hall meeting, described Abia as an important state for APC, and assured that on Saturday, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government in Abia will be changed.

He debunked rumours that the APC-led Federal Government agreed to allow PDP retain Abia and some other states, in return for votes got in the presidential election.

Prof. Osinbajo said such rumours were mere propaganda and should be disregarded by everyone. .

The vice president, who fielded questions from Abia people, urged them to troop out on Saturday to sack the PDP government, which, he said, has left the state underdeveloped for 16 years.

In response to some questions, the VP said: “Abia made a historic contribution in our election as we got over 25 percent votes. We know it was not all our votes that were counted. Come March 9, we shall prove that Abia is an APC state.

“Abia deserves to benefit from the centre. There’s no reason for Abia to play opposition politics. By the grace of God, Abia will join the centre come Saturday.

“That I didn’t attend the Abia APC rally in Aba has nothing to do with any agreement. It is because I cannot be with the president at a certain location at the same time, for security reasons. I can only attend if it was in the South West because I’m from there.

“On my frequent coming to Abia, I’ve been coming here because of the importance and centrality of the state, not for any political reason of giving Abia out to another party.

“One of the reasons why our members have not benefited from most of our programmes is because the Abia government is not APC. Come Saturday, by the grace of God, we shall change the present day government and enthrone APC through Uche Sampson Ogah.

He accused the PDP of using the media to claim that APC does not favour Christians, adding that the president is a Muslim and himself a Christian, and they have excellent working relationship.

“Buhari has no intention of Islamising Nigeria. He is a man who doesn’t interfere in anybody’s religion. He doesn’t force anybody to follow his. Such talks are lies and are mere political propaganda. The biggest church auditorium in the world, with 100,000 capacity is in Abuja.

“People now play politics from the pulpit. Any pastor, who is using the pulpit to preach for a political party is not doing the right thing.

“Any bishop can support a political party privately, but, not on the pulpit. We started the home grown school feeding programme from Anambra State.

“The two times Buhari ran for president, he picked Igbo men. He has always demonstrated his love for Ndigbo. Four states in the South East have four senior ministers. That’s a sign that he does not play politics. “

Participants of the MSME clinic, SMEs Associations, N-Power beneficiaries, food vendors for the Free School Feeding and former Biafran soldiers thanked the federal government for coming to their aid.

They showered encomiums on the vice president for the opportunities given to all of them to make ends meet, and urged him to ensure that the programmes continue.

Also speaking, Dr. Ogah, APC’s governorship candidate said: “We receive our father with great joy. He gave us an appointment last time, but, because of other activities, he couldn’t make it, but, today, he is here.

“We say congratulations to you after a credible fair election.

“Despite the activities of the opposition, you showed strength because of the love Nigerians have for you and president Buhari.”

(Sourced from Nairaland)

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