Massive Support for Atiku as Nigerians on Social Media Trend #MyPVCForAtiku

People in the Nigeria social media space have come out in support of Atiku Abubakar by trending a hashtag which shows that their PVCs will be used in voting Atiku Abubakar. For the clearance of doubts, there are 28million Nigerians on Facebook alone. That means that at least 10 million of this number, all have their PVC’s since youth (social media friendly) was reported by INEC to have 22m PVCs.
Since the advent of social media and since it became a big factor in Nigeria politics, elections usually sway towards the popular choices of social media. How this happens is that while main voters are not on social media, in every circle, the person on social media usually have the hottest takes, as such, he or she is most listened to and most influential. As such, the person can easily sway his or her friends or colleagues or family members with takes from the world of social media.
Majority of Nigerians have showed that they are tired of Buhari, with polls conducted by both APC, PDP and objective handles, towing towards a PDP victory in the presidential election.  Recall that in 2015, the social media swung towards Buhari, as everyone saw him as a messiah coming to salvage the nation. Today, majority of people supporting Buhari on social media are seen as enemies of the nation, who only care about their pockets.