2019 Elections: Fresh Allegations Concerning The Company That Produces PVC , Card Reader Put Tinubu’s Integrity On The Map

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has finally reacted to reports that allege he is the owner of ACT Technologies, a company responsible for creating Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) and Card Readers.

An online news medium reported that Tinubu was among the owners of the tech company involved in the supply of electoral materials and services to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The company reportedly manipulated Results of the 2015 general elections.

Below is a statement made available to PoliticsNGR signed by his spokesman, Tunde Rahman;

“If lies were sand, this story would be a desert. Perhaps the only thing this story manages to get correct is the spelling of Asiwaju’s name. However, the story is but an unfortunate and crude attempt to malign Asiwaju’s name. Asiwaju has absolutely no relation to, or interest in, Act Technologies Limited. He had never even heard of the company until the PDP (and its cronies in the media) started this campaign of calumny a few days ago.”

“Moreover, Asiwaju has never been involved in the supply of card readers, voter registration and accreditation frameworks or any other materials or services to INEC. Never.

“Let us be clear in this matter. If any political party was in control of INEC’s procurement practices in 2014/2015, it would have been the one in control of the federal government at that time. Asiwaju never asked for, nor did he receive, anything or any contract from Jonathan’s government. As incompetent as his administration was, even President Jonathan would not have sat idly by while important electoral contracts were being handed over to his most implacable political foe.

“Even the technological aspects of the report are fantastical and unfounded. The whole thing simply makes no sense from a technical point of view.

“The report only makes sense as part of a concerted effort to attack Asiwaju. Why the PDP and their media boosters fear him so much, we leave for them to answer. But it is odd that they expend so much time and energy manufacturing falsehoods against someone whose name will not even appear on any ballot.

“This story is simply another effort by those opposed to President Buhari and the APC to justify their plans to distort the elections by alleging that the APC government is illegitimate and was rigged into office.

“Such errant nonsense has no place in our national discourse.”


Source: Nairaland