INEC finally reveals hands voters should use to vote in the 2019 elections

Nigerians can vote with any finger during the 2019 elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission has said.

The commission said the ballot paper is not finger sensitive.

INEC was reacting to information going round that it had changed the voting finger from the thumb to the index finger.

The electoral agency advised that what matters is that the finger does not cross to the next box; otherwise, it would be interpreted as voting for two parties, making such votes void.

“A voter can use any finger to vote but should ensure that his or her mark is clear and placed inside the box of the political party of his or her choice and does not stray into another box,” INEC counselled.

Source: Twitter

The Commission said this in response to what it called “fake news” that has been making the rounds, to the intent that voters could only vote with a particular finger.

The information is contained on the verified Twitter handle of the Commission, @inecnigeria.

Yesterday, an information flooded the social media, warning Nigerians to be wary of the new decision by INEC.

“INEC has changed pattern of voting without majority of citizens being aware o!

“You DON’T VOTE with YOUR THUMB ANYMORE …YOU Vote wit Your INDEX FINGER( Warning Finger).

“Any VOTE CAST WITH the THUMB is VOID (canceled) vote…!

Source: INEC Twitter Page

“My question is Why were the citizens not sensitized up till Now…,

“Why would INEC hide such important information till few days to the election…?

“Pls, don’t only read this.. SHARE for many would-be Voters to be aware.

“The DESTINY OF THIS NATION is Now in our Warning or Prophetic Finger..!” the erroneous information read.