Buhari’s reign has dethroned security 

Our current government is a government of contradictions and insecurity. The APC government has claimed to fight corruption as the chief of its priorities. In fact if you all recall eradicating Boko Haram was one of the main stances that Buhari ran on. But instead he has allowed the further infestation of the country with the offsprings of a terrible system and cannot be given another chance to do it again.  Looking at last year alone headlines with Book Haram killing 100, 73 killings in Benue state. Every month brings about another death headline, with thousands dying all over Nigeria in 2018.

The country has suffered constant invasion and security breaches with no arrests, no accountability for the lives lost under this poor management process. 

We seek to protect our children, our lives , our family and our property. The only way we can succeed in doing that now is to assist in the emergence of a new government that can finally tackle the issues and stabilize things. You can tell yourself you are not sure of what the next government will bring but you can be sure it will be better than what we have now.

 Atiku’s Vision has emphasized technological advancement for the country using it to implement security measures and the need of this direction cannot be overemphasized. By developing a proper system of identification through ICT, it will be easier to trace criminals and thus bringing YOU the kind of justice and security that is due to you. However, all this can only  happen if you make up your mind to put your vote in the right box. This is the reason we must not sit idle, but come February 16th, vote and defend your vote for the security of Nigeria.