Peter Obi Shuts Down Computer Village

The Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi has reiterated his support for a pro-business administration with his impromptu visit to markets in Lagos, to understand first hand, what they go through. The visit ended up becoming a carnival of some sort, as the traders in the markets closed their shops, shut down the streets, while chanting praises of the two term Governor of Anambra State.

Recall that while Obi was Governor of Anambra State, he ran an anti-wastage government which cut down on cost of running governance, starting from selling off the Governor’s lodge in Abuja, so he could fund education in the state. Anambra State later moved from 28th in education across the country to 1st because of this radical initiative by Obi.

He was welcomed in the most joyous of ways with jubilant crowd, chanting and singing songs with his name. Rarely do you find a running mate who holds his own with the crowd and compliments the energy and gusto of the main candidate Atiku. Fondly described as the A team it is clear than as duo they have a lot more to contribute to Nigeria and will surely make better efforts for the Nigerian people.