Atiku Abubakar Storms Lagos

Eko, anticipate a better Nigeria for hurricane Atiku is upon us. Yes Atiku is finally taking Lagos by storm. It is time for the people of  one of the largest cities in the world to come out in their numbers and rise up for a better Nigeria.

It has been a long time since we the people of Lagos have experienced real change. Every challenge seemed to have recycled itself back to us. Aren’t you tired of it? We are in dire need of a better structured system that will take us from where we are to where we urgently need to be. We need a system that will ensure that resources are equitably distributed and it’s uses monitored effectively. For if this is ensured, then truly there will be no limit to what we would achieve.

If we aid in  bringing in of a better Nigeria, then things can truly turn around in different ways. You must go out and encourage this difference. The bad roads needs to be fixed, the traffic must cease, fuel prices must drop, we must eat the fruit of our labour. We are well known for our number. Let our number reflect in our votes on the side of a better Nigeria. It is our responsibility as to bring in the true Nigeria we’ve all been searching for. The rebellious act of not voting, not supporting and not participating is only aiding the worse. This concerns you! Yes, it concerns all of us. There’s nothing more important at this point in our history as Nigerians as this act of ushering in a better Nigeria.

We are the largest city in Nigeria and we need a plan that can accommodate our number, our needs and our problems. Come and hear the propounder of a better Nigetia articulate his plans to your hearts. Your support and patriotism in anticipation for a better Nigeria will surely bring it to pass.