Lets talk about Davido’s keen interest in Nigerian politics and future governorship role

Someday in the future, maybe it is going to be sooner than expected, Davido might be the first offspring of the Adeleke family in contemporary times, to become a state governor after a failed bid by his uncle Senator Ademola Adeleke.

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The uncle is of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He was one of the candidates who vied for a governorship role in Osun State, at a poll conducted in September 2018.

Unfortunately, he lost the contest to Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Davido has made himself relevant to all circles, including political figures.

In the past months, a consciousness about national leadership has been obvious in the pop star who has introduced an initiative #DefendYourVote, to educate potential balloters on how to get the best out of their votes.

The interest encouraged a witty response to a Twitter profile who questioned heavy involvement in politics by his family members.

Prior to the conversation, Davido shared in an interview with UK’s Channel 4 News his willingness to participate in making good decisions in government.

He might not be entirely committed but “I will probably be around it,” he says while chatting with an interviewer.

“And why your first uncle(of blessed memmories)is a senator, and your second uncle is a senetor too and still want to be governor can u explain that,” asks a curious Twitter profile @ashman_babane who is told in a comeback, “When I become governor I’ll explain.”

With the presidential and federal parliamentary elections coming up in six days, Davido has an energy that is as strong as in the TV interview. But his enthusiasm has made his followers question his integrity.

Often times when Davido discusses his interest in politics, the PDP is usually the party he commends as having the right capacity to lead the country.

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This public admittance has encouraged suspicion concerning the involvement of the pop star in partisanship. A Twitter profile observed while commenting on Davido’s tweet warning about mass arrests without providing proof.

“They are planning to start arresting Youths as from next week for no reason be careful my people they know they are going to lose and they have a plan like always let’s stick together and let’s all be careful on these streets!!,” Davido shared in the post that made his followers insist on seeing an evidence.

24hrs ago the singer had been tweeting about about Nigerian politics and how entertainers are supposed to use their ‘celebrity’ to bring things to order.

He also showed his support for fellow singer, Banky W.

International observers are concerned about credible elections in Nigeria where there is a problem of fake news. The efforts of local media, especially the radio and online television, have helped to inform audience about the harm of false information.

Prospective voters are advised to do a thorough verification before disseminating any information passed to them.

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Source: Pulse.ng