While speaking at the campaign rally for Buhari’s re-election bid in Lokoja, Kogi State on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, Bello said the votes for President Buhari will make history in the politics of Kogi State.

The governor assured the president that the people of Kogi trust in his leadership and that of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and will reward him with overwhelming victory in the February 16 presidential election.

He said, “Everybody you see here (at the rally) are just foot soldiers. Each and everybody here has promised that they’ll come to the polling unit with not less than 10 human beings. Those 10 human beings will each come with additional 10.

“We shall win every polling unit in Kogi State because Kogi State believes in your leadership, in APC and my leadership.”

The governor further said Buhari is far superior to his opponents in the election that’ll be conducted in five weeks. He said the only choice for Nigerians is between Buhari and thieves and liars.

President Muhammadu Buhari, 76, is seeking another four-year term in the Presidential Villa [Tolani Alli] President Muhammadu Buhari, 76, is seeking another four-year term in the Presidential Villa [Tolani Alli]

In what was a clear dig at the main opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bello said Nigerian youths will not allow them to return to power to steal the nation’s wealth.

He said only God and Buhari can guarantee the future of Nigerian youths and boasted that they have resolved to keep the president in power for another four-year term.

He said, “All the thieves who came here the other time, you can see them, they’ve expired. Sir, when they come close to you they’re smelling. The money they’ve stolen has finished, they want to come back and steal again. Sir, we the youths are not going to allow them again.

“As I’m saying this now, I know that all the youths across the federation have resolved that the future belongs to us. And who’s going to guarantee that future? Apart from God almighty, it is President Muhammadu Buhari who’s going to guarantee that future.”

Amaechi warns Nigerians not to vote for PDP

While also speaking at the rally, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, warned Nigerians to not allow the PDP back into power as they’ll loot the country dry because Buhari has made them broke.

He said, “The rich men in PDP are broke. They want to come back and collect more money. Don’t let them. If you let them, we’ll die of hunger.

“All the complaints about Buhari is because there’s no free money.”

The minister commended the Buhari-led government for improving the nation’s security and urged Nigerians to give the APC another four years to further improve the country.