Call for release of activists Deji Adeyanji intensifies

Activists and President of Believe Nigeria Initiative BNI, Comrade Idris Usman has demanded the immediate release from detention of pro-democracy campaigner, Mr. Deji Adeyanju, who is being held in Kano Prison, by the Nigerian Police Force.

In a statement, issued on Friday in Abuja, Comrade Idris Usman said Deji Adeyanju has remained illegally detained in Kano Prison, despite a subsisting court ruling, which ordered his release. Comrade Usman ascribed Mr Adeyanju’s ordeal to his criticism of the administration of President Buhari and his persistent demand, that the Nigerian Police remain neutral in the performance of its duties.

The BNI leader also said that if Deji Adeyanju has by any means, ran contrary to the law, the appropriate thing for the Federal government to do, is to take him to a court of competent jurisdiction, for prosecution, and not illegally detaining him. Comrade Idris Usman further said it is becoming worrisome, that the Nigerian government is daily becoming uncomfortable beyond imagination, of dissenting voices, thereby undermining the tenets of democracy, in Nigeria.

The statement further said that if Mr Adeyanju remained ‘illegally detained’, it would embolden the government to go after activists and throw them in detention without charges. The group warned that the government will fail in its plan to silence activists and urged President Muhammadu Buhari to order the immediate release of Mr Deji Adeyanju.