A former senator and chieftain of the APC, has stated that the Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara led National Assembly must apologise to Nigerians for booing President Buhari during the budget presentation.

A former senator and governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2019 election in Enugu Sate, Sen. Ayogu Eze has condemned Wednesday’s incidence at the National Assembly where President Muhammadu Buhari was booed by opposition lawmakers during his presentation of the 2019 appropriation to a joint sitting of the assembly. Speaking Thursday in Abuja, Sen. Eze asked members of the national assembly to tender an apology to Nigerians over what he described as a show of shame.

He said it was unprecedented for members of the National Assembly who pride themselves as the true representatives of the people to descend to a level where they left Nigerians with the difficult task of distinguishing between them and kindergarten delinquents, arguing that their actions had portrayed our hallowed assembly as a place where people serve only their selfish interest. “These are fathers and mothers of adults and children who were probably sitting in front of their television sets watching these unguarded conducts. How would they explain their behavior on live television to their spouses and children? What examples were they setting for a nation that looks up to them for leadership?”,Sen. Eze quered.

Sen. Eze said the National Assembly owes the people of Nigeria an apology for “this show of shame”, adding that nothing on earth can justify disrespecting the “president while performing one of his most sacred constitutional responsibilities of charting a course of how the ship of state would be moved in the next 12 months.”

He said the unfortunate thing is that the same people who are expected to process and pass this budget for the benefit of Nigerians were too preoccupied with their noisy chants to be able to listen to the details of the budget, arguing that “the net effect of this disruptive conduct will show during the budget defense and passage when the items in the budget would appear completely alien to most of them.” He commended the president for his statesmanship and for not losing his cool even in the face of the uninvited provocation. He said: “The President’s poise and carriage portrayed him as a mature statesman, who even in the face of a very unfortunate situation did not lose his composure and confidence. It showed him as the leader Nigeria needs to navigate these turbulent times.”

Urging the President not to lose focus in his determination to reposition Nigeria to continue to play her leading role of serving as the engine of growth on the African continent, Sen. Eze tasked his fellow lawmakers to always resist the temptation of allowing personal issues to becloud their sense of patriotism and nationalism, arguing that budget presentation is a solemn national assignment that no Nigerian should toy with.

“We know the legislature as the amphitheater of debate and reasoning but certainly not an arena to play to the gallery in the hope of hoodwinking the electorate into electing or re-electing us to our desired offices “, Sen. Eze said, adding: “We as legislators must always resist the temptation to descend to theatrics on the floor of the National Assembly no matter how hotly we feel about the issues in the polity.”

Sen. Eze also said it was worrisome for the legislators to disrespect their own leadership to the extend of disallowing them to speak on such an important occasion, even after disobeying the best efforts of the presiding officers to call them to order throughout the entire budget presentation, arguing that what they did was an indirect vote of no confidence in the leadership of both chambers of the National Assembly.

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