Deji Adeyanju To Be In Prison Till Next Year February, Court Orders

Political Activist Deji Adeyanju, has been ordered to be in prison till next year February, The Chief Magistrate Court in Kano gave this ruling while saying that the court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to hear the murder charges.


Mr Adeyanju was arrested by the police on December 13, and accused him of being an accomplice in a murder case. Chief Magistrate, Hassan Fagge speaking in court said that he lacked the power to hear the homicide charges brought against Mr Adeyanju by the police, but said the political activist should be remanded in prison until February 6 when a higher court could be available to hear the matter.

Mr Adeyanju’s lawyer, Yusuf Suleiman, speaking on the case said : “This is clearly an attempt to keep him unlawfully in detention,” adding that the matter was concluded nearly 10 years ago and should not have been picked up again by the police, much less taken back to court.

Mr Suleiman said the police in Kano are playing politics with Mr Adeyanju’s fundamental rights in a gruesome assault on the Nigerian Constitution

saying “they now charged him for attempted murder which the magistrate said he has no power to hear. “Now a lower court is hearing a matter that the Kano State High Court had decided long ago,” .

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