If You Don’t Keep Quiet I Will Reveal Your Wife’s Secret, Amaechi Warns Wike

Former Governor of Rivers State and  Minister of Transportation,  Rotimi Amaechi, has warned his successor, Nyesom Wike against accusing his wife.

Speaking in Kaduna, on Tuesday, Amaechi said if Wike refuses to “shut his mouth and do his work” he would expose his (Wike) wife.


He issued the threat while reacting to allegation by Wike that his wife, Judith was paid N3m and N2m respectively by council Chairmen while he was governor.

Reacting to the claim, the Minister described Wike as a governor who can’t speak good English and a mistake of former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Amaechi said, “By accident of Goodluck Jonathan, I don’t want to attribute it to God, but by the accident of Jonathan, the man takes office and talks rubbish. My wife and family, including my younger brothers and sisters, no one had access to government when I was governor.

“Even as minister, nobody will have such because it is not a family business. It is government business. But the problem with Nyesom Wike, and I want you to state this, if he doesn’t shut up his mouth and do his work, I will bring his wife to the focus. You see I’ve been very mature not to talk about his wife.

“But if Wike does not close his mouth, I will bring out his wife. My wife will never do such, we don’t do family business. I care about transparency. My wife is a trader. She buys and sells and Wike knows that.”

On Wike’s allegation that he squandered over N30bn belonging to Rivers State, Amaechi said, “And you believe that? The man who says he has about $50m in Lagos and could no prove it is the same man you believe? The man who said I didn’t pay salaries until I left office and now he is saying no, it is pensioners that I didn’t pay? Do you believe such a man?

“Do you think such a man is well? You believe Nyesom Wike is well? First, he doesn’t know how to speak English, he is poorly dressed, he is a thug, and you bring me to focus with that kind of a man?”

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