State Police Is The Way, Governor Ajimobi Declares As He Canvasses For Its Establishment

Abiola Ajimobi, Governor of Oyo State has canvassed for the establishment of state police in order to reduce the level of crime in the nation.

He Ajimobi made the call during the inauguration of the Oyo State Safe City Control Centre aimed at improving the security network in the state.

“As important as concepts such as democracy is, go around the world and see the best of democracies, there is none of them without its state police, all the states in America, France and other countries.

“State police will be staffed with people from the local communities where they have deep knowledge about the terrain and the inhabitants therein. That is why no crime goes unsolved in the western world,” he said.

Ajimobi said that the control centre was one of his administration’s efforts to ensure the restoration and sustenance of peace in the state.

“Before our administration came on board in 2011, what we had in the state was hooliganism, violence, brigandage and killings. On assumption, we swung into action and started from the restoration of peace and security.

“Our immediate effort in 2011 at stopping crime and criminal tendencies yielded positive results as our special security outfit was instituted.

“If we have not achieved anything since we came on board, we have achieved peace and security which is the major purpose of government,” he said.

He said that the efforts accounted for the state being ranked as one of the most peaceful, adding it was also adjudged one of the five topmost states in the Ease of Doing Business by Nigeria Bureau Statistics.

Ajimobi commended security agencies in the state for working with resilience to reduce crime in spite of poor logistics as well as lack of technology and database in Nigeria.

He assured the people of his administration’s commitment to combating crime with the use of technology.

Mr Abiodun Odude, the Commissioner of Police in the state, commended Ajimobi for his support to security agencies, adding that this had made their work easier.

“If not for the intervention of the incumbent governor in providing operational vehicles, vehicle batteries, tyres and other needed materials like armoured personnel carrier, the security apparatus would have been grounded in the state.

“No security work can be done without needed materials. OYSSTF(Oyo State Security Trust Fund)  has helped refurbish three armoured personnel carriers out of the 12  we have and I can assure you that one APC is equal to 100 policemen.

“So we must show our gratitude to the present administration for the support given over time,” he said.

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