Drama In APC: Ahead Of 2019 Elections, Ambode’s Commissioner For Energy And Mineral,Wale Oluwo Resigns, Joins PDP

Lagos State Commisioner for Energy and Mineral, Wale Oluwo has resigned from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Oluwo resigned from the APC shortly after also resigning from Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s cabinet.

In a letter to the Lagos State Chairman of the APC, dated December 3, he explained that he was quitting the party because of its “integrity-deficient” state governorship primary, and the use of an arm of government to blackmail the Executive.

“My decision to resign is not unconnected with the events of the last few weeks, which have created a heavy moral burden for me. I have found it rather difficult to come to terms or rationalize the party’s conduct of the October 2018 primary elections, which were largely characterized by massive voter disenfranchisement, intimidation, violence, undue influence and non-compliance with all known principles of democracy,” he said.

“In the particular case of the gubernatorial primary, which was conducted using the “open ballot” option in violation of the guidelines of the APC that specified the “open-secret ballot” option, it is clear to me that the core principles of merit, competence, justice and fairness have been sacrificed by the APC on the altar of political expediency.”

He added that “the integrity-deficient nature of the primary” had “significantly diminished the hard-earned reputation of our state as a reference point for free and fair democratic practice”.

Ambode’s last days doesn’t seem will end without drama…Lets have your thoughts