Fire On The Mountain, As Buhari Supporters Pledge Support For Atiku, 59 Of Them Port To PDP, Ahead Of 2019 General Elections

Certain support groups loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari  have made a U-turn to pledge support for  former Vice-President for President in the 2019 general election.

The groups — 59 of them — explained that they took the decision because “the government we put in place has failed and continues to fail our people and we cannot continue to reinforce failure”.

National Coordinator, Grassroot Mobilisers for Buhari, Yusuf Ardo, accused the Buhari government of not including youth in his administration.

“Today, our country is faced with legions of challenges. Our economy that was the fastest growing in Africa has become comatose under the present government, which has shown that it was unprepared and completely clueless. We believe under Atiku, our economy will be revived and returned to the path of progress,” he said at an event held on Monday night.

Nathaniel Isah, National Publicity Secretary of the group, spoke on the TraderMoni programme of the Federal Government, branding it a scheme to influence voters.

In his remarks, Abdulazeez Zubair, Coordinator of Legend Youth Mobilisers, stated that the hardship in the country informed the decision to withdraw support for Buhari.

“I am a student of Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano. Things are very tight in the country. My father could no longer support my education on account of the economic downturn in the country. We decided to support Atiku because we believe he can do better,” he stated.

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