Nation In Shock As Jonathan Seeks For Redemption? Meets With Oyedepo!

The ex president Good luck Jonathan has been spotted in the same church with  the VP and Dino Malaye where they all met with Oyedepo. We are wondering at this recent meeting, perhaps if the Ex president is seeking for redemption from past sins particularly after the recent release of his Transition Hours where he constantly lamented on being unfairly treated, and pointed a lot of accusing fingers at  forces leading to his downfall.

Dino Malaye was also caught on camera prostrating for Pastor Oyedepo, picture with VP and Gej in the same church.

Famous Kogi Senator Dino Malays was spotted in the same church with the vice president Osinbajo and Goodluck Jonathan to worship God together at a church program Dunamis Glory of dome Church dedication

He was also pictured with Founder of winners church Pastor Oyedepo and his wife as he went down flat to greet them.

Jonathan’s government has largely been described as corrupt. According to The Economist, corruption flourished under the Jonathan administration, “who let politicians and their cronies fill their pockets with impunity.” Large sums of money have been used improperly multiple times, with ₦ 3.98 trillion Naira ($20 billion USD) allegedly going missing and ₦ 398 billion Naira ($2 billion USD) of military funds allegedly dispersed amongst high-ranking officials. In addition, Jonathan was alleged to have personally ordered over ₦ 3 trillion Naira ($15 billion USD) from the Central Bank of Nigeria to support his election and other self-seeking projects under the guise of an intervention fund for national stability.

Charles Soludo, a professor of economics and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, equated Jonathan’s financial recklessness to that of former Ugandan president Idi Amin. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, an economist and former Finance Minister of Nigeria, pegged Jonathan’s administration as the main cause of Nigeria’s economic woes in a lecture at George Washington University, although she later denied it. None of the corruption allegations against Jonathan have been proven in any law court.

Since May 2015, the Muhammadu Buhari administration reportedly has been fighting corruption that was perpetrated under Jonathan. Some of the former political office holders and appointees that served under Jonathan, as well as party members, have been arrested on various corruption charges. It is alleged that some, including former Finance Minister Nenadi Usman, have returned part of the money they stole. None of these politicians have however been convicted of the alleged crimes. It remains unclear whether or not Jonathan, who is believed to have either masterminded or condoned the corruption, will be arrested.