CORRUPTION! APC accuse PDP of celebrating corruption

The ruling party, All Progressive Congress, APC Publicity Secretary for Lagos State chapter Joe Igbokwe, accuse Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of celebrating corruption in their National Convention held at Port Harcourt.
He also went further to brag about President Muhammadu Buhari winning the election in 2019 claiming all the all the presidential candidates put together will not be able to unseat.

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Igbokwe also went futher that the ruling APC would not lose sleep over the emergence of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the main opposition party, stressing that the contest was going to be between integrity versus corruption. Igbokwe told newsmen in Lagos that Nigerians cannot trust Atiku because of the many cases of corruption hanging around his neck.

He said, “Let me put it this way, all the presidential candidates put together, both the serious and the unserious, will not be able to unseat Buhari.” “The contest is going to be between integrity versus corruption. And if that is going to be the parameter to judge, it means that there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.”

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“If corruption and integrity were to be in contest, then integrity must win. If integrity must win, therefore, Aso Rock is not vacant for now.”

“There is no meeting point between light and darkness. We cannot trust Atiku with the keys of the national treasury given his antecedent. I don’t know whether you have watched Obasanjo’s video on Atiku.”

Image result for bishop oyedepo meets with Atiku and obasanjo“If there is anybody that knows Atiku very well, that person must be Obasanjo because they worked together for eight years.”
“Obasanjo said some Americans came probably from FBI and said that they wanted to investigate some Nigerians and Atiku was one of them.”

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“After that, Obasanjo was also inclusive, but they couldn’t find anything on him. Meanwhile, on Atiku, there was a damning report.
“And given what Obasanjo knows about the findings of those people, he said that God would not forgive him if he supports Atiku.” “If Obasanjo says that kind of thing, then we cannot trust Atiku with the keys of the national treasury.”

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“Another point is what played out in Port Harcourt at the PDP national convention. It was a bazaar.  “It was an audacious and thunderous celebration of corruption, where dollars were used with reckless abandon to buy delegates’ votes. We cannot have that kind of person in the saddle.”

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“His wealth is questionable. Also remember that PDP told Nigerians that they had repented and pleaded that they should be given another chance.”