Yoruba Socio Cultural group to decide between Atiku and Buhari for Nigeria’s president

A Pan Yoruba Socio Cultural group, Afenifere has stated that they are yet to decide who to support any candidate for the Nigeria presidency, particularly as it concern the two leading candidates.

On Sunday, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar was confirmed as the candidate of the PDP for the 2019 Presidential election after securing the most number of votes during the party’s primaries in Port Harcourt.

Atiku’s emergence makes room for a titanic battle for Aso Rock next year and both him and President Buhari will need all the support they can get from any group and Afenifere will be top on both men’s list.

However, speaking after Atiku’s primary win on Sunday, the group stated that it will decide on who to support in the coming weeks.

Speaking to reporters, Secretary General of the Afenifere, Bashorun Sehinde Arogbofa, described Atiku as a politician who had paid his dues in Nigeria politics.

He, however, noted that the opposition must come together to defeat the ruling party in the forthcoming presidential election.

“Honestly, when we compare Atiku with others, you will see him as somebody who has paid his dues. Among politicians and our former rulers, Atiku has made his marks.

“Before the PDP primaries, Atiku came to us in Afenifere and promised us that he was going to restructure the country, and we have already said that anybody who wants to restructure with all seriousness, such a person will be our candidate.

“Now that he is in, Afenifere will still decide. He has beaten all the other aspirants and now he is the candidate.

“Afenifere observed the landslide victory he has over others: he scored well over half of the delegates’ votes, leaving the remnants to the other aspirants.

“We hope that if the opposition wants to win through the South-West, South-South, South-East, the Middle Belt and those political groups that are progressives in idea, they will all come together under the CUPP to adopt somebody to face APC. I think this is the time, if they mean business,” Arogbofa said.