Ayefele’s house demolition: “Physical incapacity is not an excuse to break to law”- Ajimobi

Abiola Ajimobi, Governor of Oyo State, says Yinka Ayefele’s physical challenge is no reason for him to break the law.

The Oyo State government demolished a part of Ayefele’s N800million-rated Music House on Sunday, leading to intense public criticism, particularly in the light of a court order asking for stay of action.

But the Governor has maintained that the demolition took place because the Music House ran foul of the law

“Just like the house they said we demolished, that man didn’t obey the law, now,” Ajimobi told the BBC.

“People are now saying because he’s physically challenged; so if one is physically challenged, then he should break the law?

“They said he employed people, are armed robbers not employers of labour too? Should we now say because armed robbers employ people, they should continue to rob and terrorise others? We shall pity them… But we have to obey the law.”

Ajimobi once spoke highly of the Music House, expressing happiness that he didn’t demolish it as advised, “because a political opponent can become an ally”.

“I was advised to demolish this building because Ayefele was not in our camp. I was told he was in the habit of criticising us in his songs, but I thought demolishing the building was not necessary.

A political opponent can become an ally,” he had said back then.

“I am happy that I did not demolish this building as I was advised then. Isn’t it the same Ayefele, who is now seated beside me?

“I am even more delighted that when I got here, I saw that the building is well-managed. I’m always impressed when I see things being properly managed. The studios are neat… without any equivocation, it is the best studio I have seen in Oyo State.”