2019: What I will do if I become president – Donald Duke

Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross Rivers State, has expressed interest in running for the Presidency under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

In an interview with Veteran journalist, Dele Momodu, the former governor said if given the chance, he will deliver on his electoral promises.

He also stated that for the former ruling party to return to power, they “need to go to the field” with their best candidate.

Responding to a question of him running for presidency, Duke said, “Dele, do you want to hear the truth? I seriously want to run but my party, PDP, would have to decide on many things.”

Duke said, “Our party is well-positioned to win the next election if we can change our style a bit and beat APC at its own game. We must take advantage and benefit from our experience since 1999. Despite our apparent mistakes, Nigerians can now compare and contrast us with APC.

“What do we need to win the next elections? We must go to the field with our best candidates. We must learn from how we select our footballers. No one cares where you come from. Can you play well? Pronto.

“We must show clearly that we are more democratic. Zoning is good, but it has not worked well in Nigeria. The time has come to unleash the best brains from every part of Nigeria. We must galvanise our youths. They will never follow or support us if we can’t show how we are different and far better than APC.”

Duke further assured that the country’s fortune will turn around for good if given the opportunity to run the country.

He said: “If I can get the ticket of my Party, I’m certain that with the support of our members and the youths of Nigeria yearning for urgent restoration of hope, we shall defeat APC. I’m certain Nigerians are anxiously waiting for a leader with proven record of vigour and excellence.

“They will come out en masse to vote if they see such a candidate. And I promise to join hands with my Party to free Nigeria permanently from recession, oppression and depression.

“We know what to do to unlock the potentials of our vibrant youths and we possess the most important gift of all, the trust in our ability to take development to every part of our great country and attract our most fertile minds back home from all over the world. Our international friends are also waiting to support the right leadership when they see one. It would be the dawn of a new era in Nigeria.”

About Donald Duke

Donald Duke (born 30 September, 1961 in Calabar) is a Nigerian politician. He was the Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007.

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Personal Life and Education

Duke was born to Henry Etim Duke a great fan of Walt Disney, and the second indigenous (after Ayodele Diyan) and longest ever serving Controller General (then referred to as Chairman board of Customs and excise duties) of the Nigerian Customs service.

He received his LLB degree in 1982 from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria – Nigeria, the B.L in 1983 from the Nigerian Law School, Lagos and a L.L.M. in Business Law and Admiralty in 1984 from University of Pennsylvania.

Political Career

Spearheading the incumbent debt of Nigeria, Duke pushed for democracy and against military control. He stated; “What got the military out of power was not democracy but the dreadful state of the economy. If we, the democratic government, cannot deliver food for the mass of people we can forget about democracy.”

Duke received praises for his contributions to the fields of agriculture, urban development, government, environment, information and communication, investment drive, and tourism and making Calabar the cleanest city in Nigeria.

He initiated the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race which attracted contestants and visitors from other countries. In 2005, he created a special reserve fund for the state meant to ‘‘hedge against economic downturn, and the inevitable rainy day’’. This was meant to cushion the effect of unforeseeable economic challenges that may occasion uncertainty in the state’s Internally generated revenue, as well as monthly allocation from the federal government.

He also initiated the Calabar Carnival which started in 2004 and is popularly referred to as “Africa’s biggest street party.”

Donald Duke initiated the Tinapa Resort project as a way to boost business and tourism in the state. Over $350 million was spent on initial development before phase 1 opening in April 2007. BBC reported in September 2006 that Governor Duke was the only governor specifically mentioned as not being under investigation by the federal Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Four other governors were also reported as not under investigation but their names were not released.)

Donald Duke announced that he would run for the presidency in the 2007 presidential election, but stepped aside in favour of the eventual winner, Umaru Yar’Adua.

On 8th June 2018, Donald Duke declared interest in running for presidency in 2019 with media at the top of the decision publicit

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  1. Zoning should be removed from presidency position.party can zone their positions to accommodate because the president elect must carry other parties along in positions.if Donal Duck win primary, l assure you stress will be reduce, and he will not just win but with massive vote/margin against who ever, because the 80% youth in Nigeriare are in support of him.if elders refuses him ticket, it means that the deny the youth/young Nigerians their right and future. Including unborn who will come to hear that were rule/governed by Analog on those years.if this is computer age,what will happen in the next future when our leaders don’t understand computer age accept in speaking.l m a Nigerian YOUTH’S , this the time we must take our country so that our children coming will not ask us questions.

  2. The only man who can change and transform this Nation. H E Donald Duke revolutionized Cross River in many area, Agriculture, Tourism, Education and human capacity development etc. Cross River was then placed in the world map. Will Nigerians give him the opportunity? Yes, if the PDP will give him a chance. May God touch the hearts of the decision makers and party leaders of the PDP to grant the yearnings of Nigerians for the real President who can change Nigeria. God bless us.

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