“Nigeria Government have no power over me” Zamfara bandit boast in viral video

A video has just popped up on the internet which shows a supposed bandit commander in Zamfara State speaking. He is said to have been invited by Government officials because of the incessant attacks by bandits in the state.

In the video, the bandit could be seen boasting of his elusiveness as he spoke in the Hausa language.

He said he has never felt threatened by Soldiers storming the forest in search of him, but rather, he just decided on his own to give up.

In a summary this is what he is saying when translated to English:

“As a matter of fact, if forceful invasion into my hideout in the forest is the only option left to the military to get me arrested, it wouldn’t have stopped me from the banditry but I have on my own volition chosen to honour the invitation due to my firm belief in Kullum nafsin zaiqatul maut( every soul shall taste death).

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to any form of negation even if it will cost me my own life.

He also boasted that even if he was seated under a tree and the brigade/patrol come looking for him they could never conquer him.

“Also, no mortal would have been able to arrest or capture me in my hideout where I stay inside the forest. I had even wished that any of the security agency had attempted arresting/capturing me, they would have met stiff resistance and regretted the moves. After all, there’s no law against self-defence,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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