Devastating Rains Sack University Students As Their Rooms Get Flooded [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

Wednesday dawn birthed torrential rains that spanned for over six hours amidst heavy winds and thunder.

The effects of the rain have had devastating impacts on various parts of the campus as many hostels that houses students and major road paths leading to the campus were practically left defunct.

The rain, as reports indicate started around 1.00 am Wednesday dawn.

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At the time of writing this report, the rain was still pouring which is indicative of even further rain and a worsening of the flood situation.

The devastating nature of the rains led to the flooding of several hostels and major roads. Affected communities were Ayensu, Amamomaa and certain parts of the main campus including Valco Hall and the areas from Casford Hall to the banks located around the Casford field.

Additionally, lectures have been cancelled and students have been advised to stay safe indoors. The SRC has issued a communique to this effect.

The hashtag #uccstayindoors was widely shared across multiple social media platforms which prompted the Directorate of Students Affairs to issue an official communique to that regard.

Students are, however, advised to stay indoors.

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