Cheating Couple Stuck Together While Having Sex ( Photos)

A cheating couple was found stuck together while having sex.  According to an eyewitness, the married man was sleeping with a married woman without knowing her husband had used muti on her as he was a truck driver and was never home most of the time.

The couple were stuck together while having sex and they were taken to a Harare hospital on Tuesday and the woman was just crying as doctors could not separate them. After the incident, the husband of the cheating wife was called, he was in South Africa and he said he will only be back in the country on Thursday.

The cheating couple both died earlier today (Thursday) but the doctors still could remove his penis from the woman’s vagina and had to cut it off. The husband of the cheating wife is said to have later called the hospital to tell them they can now remove the penis from his dead wife’s vagina.

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