Get into the Atmosphere of Saving this December on OPay Deals

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It’s getting close to that time of year again. It’s almost the holiday season!

A moment of conflicting emotions, in which both spending and having fun are suffocating! Well, you should feel free to let go of that sensation since OPay Deals has you covered with great Christmas deals.
“What do you think about buying exactly what you want and saving Extra for it?”
That seems impossible, doesn’t it? With OPay Deals, nothing is impossible.
This season’s shopping comes with perfect gifts and rewards. Opay Deals is giving huge discounts on everything you’ll need for the holidays, including presents, hampers, food and drinks, and more.
Simply download Opay on your device and register to become a merchant or customer. Check on Deals on your dashboard and choose any deal you want for Christmas, then fund your wallet to pay for it and receive your cash backs instantly on any Deal you choose.
Why wait for Santa when you may enjoy the greatest Christmas presents from OPay…

Discover Exciting Christmas Deals.

Delicacies and Liquor | Up to 20% off
Foodies, celebrate! Come on in! You deserve more than just delicious meals; you also deserve a special discount for ordering on OPay Deals. OPay Deals is the only place; you can get amazing meals and cashback. With a variety of delicacies, you can be sure to have an enjoyable Christmas with your family and friends without worrying about your bank account.
Are you sceptical that anything so healthy can taste good at a low price?
Shop on Opay Deals, you’re sure to enjoy both when you sign up.
Explore the next spot to “Go Chop Life and Save Up to 20%”.

Extra Sauce Pizza Deal | Up to 20% off
What does it mean if all of your dreams revolve around mouth watering pizza? Isn’t it true that dreams can come true? We can make your fantasies a reality and even give you a discount for them.
Order your pizza with your favourite toppings – in whatever size and flavour you desire at any of OPay Deals Restaurants – and enjoy a 20% discount.
Surprise your loved ones with boxes of pizza this holiday; if they ask why you’re spending so much, tell them you’re saving extra by using Opay Deals.

Hospitality and Tourism | Up to 20% offThe Christmas season is here! A relaxing vacation is essential for adventurous holidays. Rejuvenate in large rooms with premium beds, free Wi-Fi, bar, and breakfast in hotels on Opay Deals.
This Christmas, make every travel rewarding and experiential.
Earn up to 20% on each night you spend unwinding.

Bars and Clubs | Up to 25% off
The city’s stereo must be turned up to eleven this Christmas. If you’re thinking of missing the festivities this Christmas season, think again because Opay Deals has a plan to get you in the mood. Make every night unforgettable with friends and family by hopping from one bar and club to the next and soaking up all the positive energy. Opay Deals bars provide grills, beers, liquors, barbecues, and luscious shawarma. It’s fun and relaxing to order through the Opay App, especially when you save money and have fun equally.
Download OPay App, to save up to 25% on the thrills!

Fashion | Up to 20% off
Sure, the expense of Christmas apparel has already overwhelmed you; it’s generally pricey and discouraging everywhere during the Christmas holidays, but not on Opay Deals. With discounted prices and savings on everything from apparel to bags, footwear, accessories, and beauty kits, you should worry less.
Shop on OPay Deals to gift loved ones this holiday.
Look Good and Earn Up to a 20% Extra Discount.

Makeup on Budget | Up to 15% off
The peng silhouette is the season’s signature. Beginning with the sounds of Christmas parties, birthdays, end-of-year festivities, weddings, and other occasions, you certainly deserve to look lovely without spending a lot of money but saving much more. Choose your favourite makeup artist on OPay Deals and take advantage of attractive savings.
Only on OPay Deals will you save up to 15% on beauty.

Health and Beauty | Up to 20% off
The weather is changing, and the skin is breaking and drying up. We all look forward to December, but the weather needs extra skincare to avoid skin breakage. If your skin requires additional care, Opay Deals can help you save more for your skin-care expenses. We care about your health and beauty just as much as you do.
Save up to 20% on your Glow.

Electronic Grass Cutter Machine | Up to 10% off
Do you have any plans to upgrade or replace your equipment this season? It’s long overdue. You don’t have to worry about saving for your equipment until next year. Now is the time to stock up on everything you’ll need for the new year business. Purchase your equipment now and save money for other things.
You can save up to 10% with OPay Deals.

To save time and money, download OPay from the Appstore or Playstore. Stay on top of the hottest offers this season. OPay Deals is indeed a fantastic opportunity to save money for the new year.

Opay Deals Merchant | Up to 20% CashBack.

This season, we’re rewarding our merchants with great gifts. Sign up on Opay Deals and create Offers to receive cashback on the deals you create.
OPay Deals is Nigeria’s largest coupon marketplace, and merchants from all sectors are eligible to “Sell and Earn” on our platform. Restaurants, hotels, bars, groceries flavour favourite, clothes, and automobiles are just a few categories.
We work hard to help merchants make the most of our built-in customers on our platform. Our delivery services are available to customers who are unable to pick up orders at a merchant location.
You’ll only need to give up a few minutes of your time to sign up and save up to 50% on Opay Deals.
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