How Unknown Gunmen Killed 3 Persons In Imo & The Need For The Military To Mount Checkpoints Close To Markets

A report reaching us from various sources has confirmed the killing of 3 persons by gunmen at Anara Market located in Isiala Mbano local government area of Imo State. Recall that unknown gunman suspected to be IPOB members have been causing mayhem in the southeastern region.

How The Incident Happened.

According to an eyewitness, the gunmen arrived at the market in a white sienna on Tuesday around 10 pm and started shooting sporadically, killing 3 persons and injuring others in the process. The victims who lost their lives were 2 Igbos and 1 Hausa Suya Seller.

Why The Military Should Mount Checkpoints Close To All Markets In The Southeastern Region
With the incessant attacks perpetrated by unknown gunmen in the southeastern region, the military has to take drastic measures to curtail further attacks.

Checkpoints should be mounted close to all markets in the Southeastern region. Recently, it has been observed that unknown gunmen have made markets their target – a few days ago, the Police were forced to engage some of them in a gun duel at a market in Anambra state. If the police officers were not close to the market when the gunmen attacked, the situation might have been fatal.

Additionally, mounting checkpoints very close to markets will remove fear from the minds of citizens who came to transact business. If the attack on markets in the southeast is allowed to continue unabated, traders will be scared of opening their shops, which will affect the price of commodities in the long run.