PF Disagrees With Results Says Election Not Free And Fair

Hours After ECZ Boss Dropped an Update that Elections were Concluded at 5am This Morning and That Zambians should be Calm As results are being Collated and Would Be Ready In 72hours.

The Patriotic Front For The Second Time Since Elections Began Yesterday has Termed The 2021 Zambian Presidential Election as Unfree and Unfair. Recall that President Lungu Expressed his Dissatisfaction through a Media Briefing He did while addressing the Incident that led to the Death Of North-West Chairman Jackson Kungo.

Murdered North-West Chairman- Jackson Kungo









The PF Through It’s Sec. General has Issued a Statement were It Condemned The Credibility Of the Elections.  Hon Davies Mwila Went ahead To Make a List Of Disturbing Incidences that crippled the credibility Of the Elections. He Alleged that PF Election Monitors were Chased and Beaten In Many UPND Strongholds. He also Revealed That Hon Miles Sampa While Mourning His Loss was Also Attacked and Stabbed. He Also Said The Party Has Written A Complain Letter To ECZ About the Lack Of Credibility In The Elections.

HON. Davies Mwila

In The Same Media Address, Hon Davies Also Said PF PVTs Don’t Agree With The Results That Are Being Flown Around. He Said PF Monitors Have Assured Them Of An Early Lead As Against what People Are Throwing About On Social Media.

“Total Shows Clear Lead In Favor Of ECL…We Are Confident Of Carrying The Day”

He Ended By Calling For Peace And Calm While ECZ does It’s Job.