The only thing Buhari’s govt can do is either arrest me or assassinate me – Aisha Yesusfu

Activist Aisha Yesusfu says she isn’t afraid as she continues to speak against the ”incompetence” of government.

According to her, the only thing government can do to her is get her arrested or assassinate her. She said this in a video while responding to fears that she might be killed. The fiery activist said

”The whole country is upside down and what you are bothered about is looking for people to go on people’s timeline. When they go low, I go lower. I deal with them, come up, shower, put on perfume so that they will know it is a choice not to be there.

For those asking me if I am not afraid to be killed. For what? The only thing government can do is either assassinate me or arrest me. Either one they do, they will give me a voice.