Nigeria Heading Towards A Failed State, ‘Buhari May Be The Last Constitutional President’

May 29: Nigeria heading towards a failed state, Reps warn

As the nation marks 22 years of unbroken democracy today, the Minority Caucus in the House of Representatives has reviewed the performance of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration, declaring that the country was heading towards a failed state.

The caucus led by Mr. Ndudi Elumelu urged President Muhammadu Buhari to buckle up and take urgent steps to tackle insecurity, ensure respect for rule of law, end corruption in his government, adopt a more inclusive approach to governance, and engage better hands to manage the economy.

In a statement, yesterday, the caucus noted: “As lawmakers, our caucus is worried that exclusionist tendencies, trade restrictions, nepotism in government appointments, disregard to rule law, the relegation of constitutional order and principles of separation of powers; abuse of human rights, electoral malpractices, harassment of the opposition and arrogant insensitivity to the sensibilities of the Nigerian people by the APC administration have occasioned instability, economic crisis and avoidable acrimony that is threatening our corporate existence as a country.

“Poor policies by the APC administration have stifled the economy and put the nation in dire strait with a disturbing 33.3 percent unemployment rate, a scary 18.12 percent inflation rate, over N32.9 trillion accumulated debt burden, a progressively devalued currency, and collapsed infrastructure.

“Failure of the government to address escalated insecurity challenges has crippled the agricultural sector and disorganized commercial activities leading to imminent food crisis with the cost of food and other necessities of life skyrocketing beyond the reach of Nigerians.

“Nigeria, under the APC administration, has now become the poverty capital of the world, ranking 98th out of 107 in Global Hunger Index, with 22.95 food inflation rate and increasing morbidity and mortality rates.”

The caucus, however, commended the commitment of governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in giving hope to the nation through their excellent performance in key sectors despite the daunting challenges.

“These governors have displayed unmatched leadership competence in developing their states through economic empowerment of citizens and massive infrastructural investments in key sectors of agriculture, education, healthcare, transportation, water resources, industrialisation, aviation, road infrastructure, and security among others.

“Indeed, the performance of the governors elected on the platform of the PDP has further demonstrated that with the right type of leadership and ideological drive of a pan-Nigeria political party, such as the PDP, our nation will obviously come of the woods of misrule.

“We, therefore, call on Nigerians to remain focused and not lose sight of the potentials and promises our nation hold despite the challenges we face today,” the statement added.


Source: The Guardian



Buhari May Be The Last Constitutional President In Nigeria – Prophet Gbujie

Godrey Gbujie is a prophet without a particular denomination, but politically connected, having visited more than four Nigerian Presidents in Aso Rock. His area of prophecy is raising the alarms and warning Nigerian leaders to desist from committing crime and worshipping idols. In this interview with CHRISTIAN NWOKOCHA, ASABA, he prophecies that another civil war is in the making which will make President Muhammadu Buhari to be the last constitutional President.

As a prophet, what can you make out of the serial killings in Nigeria?

Well, as a prophet, God re­vealed these things to me as far back as Sunday, August 6, 1995. God passed a judgment against the nation. In my book entitled ‘Nigeria In Prophecy’ which was published in Decem­ber 2009 unedited was distrib­uted free of charge to security operatives and individuals. Police and defence headquar­ters got copies from me. Gover­nors, the President and service chiefs got the book. Chapter 3 of the same book page 26, the Lord spoke to me that Sunday morning, that there shall be two steps forward and three backward. There shall be spo­radic violence until full inter­vention and divine manifesta­tions. That is where we are and to me, there’s nothing strange about what is going on now. All these will snowball into the second unavoidable Nigeria’s revolutionary civil war which remotely stated on Thursday, October 1, 2020, and war will last for about three years.

What happened on October 2020?

I am sure you are aware of the #Endsars protests and you are also aware of the revolution now. These two were national­ly endorsed via the body language of millions of Nigerians. In the same period for the first time, Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) called for a sit-at-home in pro­test against the Nigerian Gov­ernment. In Odua’s call, IPOB joined them in solidarity.

Are you saying that this is the beginning of what Nigeria and Nigerians are likely to face in the future?

That’s correct! I have said it severally through the former Director-General of State Se­curity Service. I have done a lot of warning on the need to avert this war.

Why did your efforts to avert this anticipated war fail?

I reached out to those man­aging internal security of this country. I got in touch with Pres­ident, the police, and the military hierarchy. All the letters I wrote were routed through the Director-General of State Security Services for analysis. These letters were personally delivered by me in 2017 and I have acknowledgment copies.

You said this prophecy came to you in 2009, why informing the government as late as 2017?

This prophecy started in 1995, including the prophecy concerning President Muham­madu Buhari’s administration. The character called Buhari, his aim and how his adminis­tration will end. The only thing was that God commanded me to publish it in 2009 and distribute it free of charge.

Since 2009 when the publication was made and distributed free of charge to concerned authorities, have any of the agencies of gov­ernment engaged you or holding close door meetings with any of the former President of Nigeria?

Yes. I traveled to meet per­sons in defense headquarters on the invitation. President Good­luck Jonathan also invited me for a chat. But before the prophecy of this second civil war, I met General Sani Aba­cha and told him what is like­ly to happen to him. Mustapha is alive and you may wish to confirm from him on the is­sues I raised about his direct boss Abacha which eventually happened. I also met former President Olusegun Obasanjo who worked with a very un­derstandable Director of State Security Services who also dis­played professionalism during his time. I met with former President Goodluck Jonathan and ministered to him person­ally.

That was after the bomb­ing of the United Nations of­fice in Nigeria which was also predicted by me through God’s inspiration. I gave the State Security Services the date and time, telling them of an immi­nent attack against important government facilities. They thought it was a joke until it happened. This was why Jona­than invited me and I warned against the future being 2015 Presidential election. I made it very clear to him that he did not stand a good chance to win the election for the second term. I told him that Buhari’s time has come. I was specific about it when I told him that if you manipulate the election in your favour, you will pay with your head. At last, I handed over the copy of my book, Nige­ria In Prophecy to him in case the copy I sent to him earlier did not reach him. I explained to him about this looming civil war. He is alive and you can ask him if we really met and what I told him about the election and Nigeria’s future.


How did Jonathan respond to your advise and explanations on the imminent violence across Nigeria?

Well, he told me that he will read my book and invite me again. We met at about 1:00 am in Aso Rock. He returned at about 11:40 pm on Friday from Ibadan where he went to sym­pathise with victims of the Ibadan flood disaster. He prepared for a foreign trip the next day but tried to meet me before he left and promised to read the book in the aircraft. He was such a humble man in Aso Rock. Ev­erywhere was peaceful even at the peak of the Presidential election. There was no tense atmosphere in the villa, unlike other former Presidents, I visit­ed in the same villa.


Did he eventually get back to you as he promised?

No. He was busy running from one church to another, including South Korea. When he realised that his opponents imported soldiers, he decided to give up. He refused to set up God’s Altar and the rest has be­come history.


Back to your prophecy?

God said that he has decided to detail an army of demons to destroy, deal with rulers and the people of Nigeria through President Buhari.


But why would God decides to destroy Nigeria through Buhari?

Yes. That is the nature of God. Anytime he wants to de­stroy a nation, he will use an ungodly or wicked ruler.

How wicked is Nigeria that God can make up his mind to wipe the people away from this earth, using violent means against innocent children, women, and others who know nothing about Nigerian politics?

Blood of innocent people had been spilled in the past particularly in Northern Nige­ria. The North has committed several evils against innocent souls right from 1942 and God is after them. God is avenging the 1966-70 killings that started from the North.

But if God wants to destroy this country because the Igbos were killed in their numbers before and during the civil war, why is it that the Igbos God wants to protect are not exempted from the noticeable serial killings of today in Nigeria?

Igbo is part of the nation God wants to destroy, they are not also free from offending God. I made it very clear to Ohaneze during one of the Imobi’s meetings. God is very angry with Igbo rulers because they have refused to be accountable to the people. Because of pol­itics and power, Igbos resort­ed to the worship of idols. In the same meeting, I mentioned Igbo leaders God is not happy with. Igbos themselves have committed a lot of atrocities in Igbo land. The difference is that they are not doing so to kill their enemies outside Igbo land, but what they are doing is to use charm and other ungodly methods to protect themselves and in a bid to hold on to pow­er, they get involved in killing their own brothers and sisters. Political leaders in Igbo land have soiled their hands with blood to remain in power.

A lot has happened, still happen­ing by a way of massive killings in Nigeria, Igbos inclusive, are we still waiting for more to happen?

God has a grace period during which he gives people time to repent. Since 1995, God has been warning Nigeria through me and other genuine men of God. It was a risk to go and warn late General Sani Abacha, met Obasanjo and Jon­athan to reveal to them what God has planned for Nigeria, but they didn’t want to take these things seriously. I have been imprisoned and unjustly treated by the Nigerian leaders for telling them the truth. They conspired against me because I made wonderful revelations of their plans to kill their subordi­nates and political opponents.

Most Nigerians are wondering what the 2023 election will look like, in fact, they said the elections will not hold. Is this apprehension real?

I have written and made it very clear that Buhari will be the last of the constitutional government of Nigeria. He may not be there till 2023. Osinbajo will certainly takeover but be­fore then, Buhari and his sup­porters would have inflicted enough injuries in the system to make the country ungovern­able and the war will begin. There will be no Presidential election in 2023.

Why must this happen when the country is thinking towards Igbo producing Nigeria’s President?

No. Instead, God wants to de­liver the Igbos from the hands of the Fulanis and the rest of Nigeria. Not getting the Pres­idential slot in 2023 is in Igbo interest and will serve as a sac­rifice or exchange for Indepen­dence. God really wants to use this opportunity to deliver the Igbos and along the line to deal with the old ungodly leaders in Igbo land.