Every girl child’s dream is valid, even pregnant teens – Chidiogo Ezejelue’s novel addresses stigma of teenage pregnancy

A new novel, Far From The End, highlights the effects of teenage pregnancy and the social stigma surrounding it.

Every teenage girl is warned not to get pregnant before marriage, but very few parents are willing to have the uncomfortable chat about sex with their children.

Even when efforts are made, mistakes still happen. But should a mistake determine the course of a person’s life? Is there any mistake too costly that one cannot come back from? 

As the world marks the International Day of the Girl Child, it is important to ensure that the empowerment of every girl child is given priority, irrespective of their social class, religion, or circumstances.

Pregnant girls, teen mums, divorced girls, girl brides… every child deserves to be encouraged to dream and to have the support to make that dream a reality.

The novel, Far From The End, tells the story of Ada, a model teenager with her life mapped out, who gives in to her impulses and ends up pregnant.

The common consensus is that her dreams and aspirations are no longer achievable. Friends and society turn their backs on her as they predict she is no good. 

However, she refuses to give up on herself and decides to change the course of her life. This quest earns her some dangerous enemies and threatens what she holds most dear. 

The novel tells a tale of mistakes, love, malice, hope, and second chances.

A review from an impressed reader reads: “Far from the end is about Ada, a Nigerian teenage girl whose parents and society have set a path for her transition from girlhood to adulthood. She manages to challenge this path while making mistakes and winning victories.

“The parts I loved most about the novel are the scenes where Ada found strength to birth her babies, her academic achievements and finding fulfillment.

“My favourite quote out of the novel is ‘will it be better to foist on them a father who doesn’t want to stay? There are some things you cannot control, you should leave those things and expend your energy on working on things you can control’

“Ada’s determination to chart and stay on the course of her life sees her through life’s challenges.

“I give this novel a 5 star rating.”

The author, Chidiogo Lilian Ezejelue is a journalist, blogger and TV presenter. She is passionate about social justice and uses her platform to drive positive social change.

Her stories have been published on various Nigerian websites and blogs. 

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