ODM Prophetic Publisher, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe holds annual Mercy Week in Lagos (Photos)

The Corvid-19 Pandemic Has Shown Us the Importance of spending time with ALONE WITH YOUR GOD ESPECIALLY DURING THE LOCKDOWN OF ALL CHURCHES WORLDWIDE.
But Despite The Pandemic, We Are called to Put Smiles On The Faces Of Our FELLOW BEINGS.  MERCY ATRACTS MERCY. SHOWING MERCY TO OTHERS IS YOUR BRIDGE TO YOUR OWN MERCY LAND – Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe.
‘The greatest enemy of creativity is the normal.
 With these wisdom words, The ODM publisher, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe welcomed selected members of souls and congregation to the 4th edition of the Mercy Week in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The special event held on Sunday, June 28th at the mission’s international HEADQUATERS premises in Ogudu, Lagos while strictly observing safety measures and social distancing, the event renowned to have thousands of people in attendance barely had a hundred people this year but the impact was immense.
According to Bishop Chris, “one of the major challenge we faced is the fact that churches are not opened and a lot of things are affected. However we have to make sacrifices to ensure the work of God and humanity does not suffer. Yes, it may not be as big as it would without the pandemic because a lot of people are going through different issues but we are grateful to God”.
Speaking on the impact on the event, the respected man of God said, ‘people appreciate the effort more for obvious reasons. People understand that whoever is able to offer a helping hand during this TOUGH period is God-SENT and that has made the impact of this edition of the programme truly remarkable.”
When asked about the next phase for the church, “the government through its task force have been here to inspect the MINISTRY HALL AND WORSHIP CENTER and they were happy with what they saw. Our automated hand washing systems and sanitizers  are top class. We are not sure when churches will re-open but i’m sure the government has a plan and its best we stay the course with them.’ he said.
Our Daily Manna and the LOCK DOWN:
In the words of Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, “at this time, PEOPLE BEGAN to understand and appreciate that TIME ALONE WITH GOD means. This is what Our Daily Manna does and has been been for 23 years since we started publishing. The WORLDWIDE LOCKDOWN TAUGHT PEOPLE THE  IMPORTANCE OF STAYING ALONE WITH GOD.  PEOPLE LEARNT THAT TO grow spiritually YOU DONT NEED YOUR PASTOR 100%. OF THE TIME.  LEARN TO PRAY AND STYDY YOUR BIBLE AGGRESIVELY ALONE. I think that’s one of the greatest gifts of this pandemic AND THAT’S WHAT ODM HELPS MILLIONS TO DO DAILY WORLDWIDE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.
I want people to use this time to think out of the box and create remarkable things. I know of alot of people who have used this period to discover hidden talents. TOUGH TIMES PRODUCES TOUGH PEOPLE AND MOST HIDDEN GIFTS ARE ONLY BORN IN PANDEMICS AND TOUGH TIMES.
Lending her voice to the remarkable success of the event, Rev Mrs Flora Kwapovwe said, ‘its been quite challenging but by the grace of God we’ve been able to reach out to as many women as we can. With the pandemic, we’ve now devised digital ways to reach out more to women and other members but most importantly, we need to hold on to God”.
Resident Pastor Austin Ginikanwa, also admonished the body of Christ  to be steadfast and resilient in their dealings with God. “We must do the best we can to encourage everyone despite the pandemic because God truly does not leave his people  forsaken. Yes its true people have lost money, jobs and other things but we must keep faith and we have been reaching out as much as we can especially via our online uncommon  One Hour  broadcast every Sunday On facebook – ourdailymannaonline and Youtube: Manna TV INTERNATIONAL  8.30am. 9.40am and 11am.
People can also connect via our website: www.ourdailymanna.org by clicking LIVE SERVICE