Chellah Tukuta’s Lover Goes ‘Crazy’ [Video]

Mistress of internationally acclaimed Zambian professional photographer, Chellah Tukuta, is having a mental breakdown as seen in a poorly recorded video.

She wails crying “I am never alone, I was never alone and I will never be alone in the name of Jesus Christ.¬† If I am mad, ask me any question you want to ask me,” she says.

The distressed lady who has been thrown into a mental facility is asking to be released to go home.

Over the past couple of days, pictures of Chellah and his lover have circulated online, with concerned Zambians pouring out their hearts towards the matter and others drawing moral lessons from the situation for Zambian men to learn from.

Chellah is said to have deserted his family over the mistress.  Leader of the New Hope MMD, Nevers Mumba has expressed his condemnation of the inappropriate behavior and distanced the party from the character that Chellah has depicted over the past few days.