PF Minister Insults Zambians In Diaspora , ‘They Clean Toilets Overseas’ (VIDEO)

Reports coming in show Bowman Lusambo insulting Zambians in the diaspora, and this act is deeply disappointing. Which has triggered opposition party UPND leader HH to show anger and disdain to the statement and act of the PF minister.

Citing that such should not proceed out of the mouth of a Zambian no matter the position which he finds himself to another Zambian. “we are a hard working people fighting same cause for individual and general success of the nation”.

Zambians abroad contribute to our GDP and foreign currency inflows through the remittances of their hard earned money. Remittances by Zambians in the diaspora were about $93.5 million in 2017, more than what we should have earned from selling Mukula. This is not a small figure. We must respect them and find ways to ensure that they are not only welcome back home but can continue to contribute to the development of our economically distressed country.

By virtue of what Bowman said, it means all Zambians doing these jobs are worthless in PF. According to PF only a certain class of Zambians need to be respected. In their mind, citizens must be respected using their social class. This is absolute nonsense.


Video Credit: Zambianobserver