Pretty Lady In Tears Offers Herself As ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ To Nigerian Men (Photos)

A young dark lady has taken to social media to cry out about not having a boyfriend in her age line. The lady who was visibly in tears offered herself to interested Nigerian men. According to her, she revealed that she is old enough to have a boyfriend and made her intentions of needing one known.

The lady who’s name is yet to be known at the filing of this report says she need to have a boyfriend at all cost.And that she has everything that a guy would want in a lady. Watch video below;

‘I cannot hold it no more…Am I not fine enough?’ she asked ‘what else do you people want? Somebody should better date me o’ She shouted.. I can not hold it anymore, i want to be somebody’s girlfriend. I have everything you want in a woman.

Listing the qualities she possess, she said;

She has a portable backside, hour glass shape and every other thing a man would want in a woman. She also went on to inquire what men really want since non of them wants her inspite of all this qualities.





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